Portsmouth, Virginia Police Chief Fired For—What Else? Doing Her Job

By Steve Pomper   It seems like hyperbole to say there are political leaders who endorse lawlessness, as long as the crimes allowed conform to those leaders’ political beliefs. But these days, it’s not an exaggeration; it’s accurate. There was more evidence of this coming out of Portsmouth, VA., where city leaders just fired their police Read More >

Cops, Mother Nature, and You

By Stephen Owsinski No matter where one lives, the chances of Mother Nature throwing a curveball or two here and there are inescapable. With her hands on the joysticks, inclement weather consisting of icy snow or unstoppable hurricanes or intense heat causing consternation for Smokey the Bear…Mother Nature’s elemental pedigree and planetary diversity poses often Read More >

Mindset of Brand-new Police Officer: ‘I Want People to Need Us Again’

By Stephen Owsinski Recent reports explored the stand up and step forward bravado of future cops training at the police academy and active-duty law enforcement officers continuing to do the job despite the insidious harangue of anti-cop vocal chords blasting hate via bullhorns. Despite the din-makers’ heaping hatred for all-things-police, new cops are hitting the Read More >

Not a Chief of Police, LAPD Has a Chief of Mayor, Leading to Serious Rank and File Discontent

By Steve Pomper   In many American cities, the leadership—mayors, city councils, and prosecutors—are so aligned with the rioting radicals, there is no way they will ever appoint a police chief in whom rank-and-file officers can have confidence. This has been the case for a while, but it’s gotten worse. When I was hired back in Read More >

Future and Current Cops Stand Strong, Despite Anti-Police Whiners

By Stephen Owsinski One of the most difficult challenges in my life was enduring the police academy and its rigorous demands toward graduation. And I would do it all over again, without reservation. Others harbor the same notion and conviction to serve their respective communities. Academy classes commence, badges are pinned at graduations, and newly-certified Read More >


Latest PSA Asks Citizens to Stop Filming Police Officers in Danger with Cell Phones, and Instead Call 9-1-1 Indianapolis, Indiana –The National Police Association (NPA) announced today their latest public service announcement on the dangers of filming, instead of helping, struggling police officers to radio stations nationally. This PSA urges listeners to help law enforcement Read More >

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