National Police Association Takes on ACLU over Gang Databases in Court Filing

The National Police Association (NPA) opposed the ACLU’s attack on law enforcement’s ability to investigate street gangs, arguing to Massachusetts in a friend-of-the-court brief, it should uphold the right of the Boston Police Department to maintain a confidential gang database. The NPA argues against the ACLU which claims in its suit against the Boston Police Read More >

Be the eyes and ears of your community with Law Enforcement Citizens Academies

Local law enforcement agencies throughout the year hold Citizens Academies. The purpose of a Citizens Academy is to familiarize citizens with the operations of the police department. This can include classes on patrol procedures, criminal law, narcotics, search and seizure, tactical operations, investigations, juvenile law, firearms demonstration, emergency vehicle operations, use of force issues, and Read More >

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Volunteer Patrolman Awarded Commendation for Leadership

The Malibu California City Council has honored Los Angeles County Sheriff’s volunteer patrolman Mark Russo with a commendation for his leadership of Volunteers on Patrol. The Volunteers on Patrol division is a volunteer group under the auspices of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department dedicated to community-based patrol and is instrumental in helping to keep Read More >

NPA Radio Campaign Encourages Public Support of Broken Windows Theory Policing

The NPA’s nationally released radio ad campaign encourages residents to contact their local officials to report vandalism and code violations to support ‘broken windows policing’. The broken windows theory says signs of crime, anti-social behavior, and public disorder create an environment that generates more crime and disorder, including violent crimes. Policing methods that address minor Read More >

National Police Association Sends Letter of Concern To President Trump Asking Him To Assist Baltimore Patrol Officers By Using Their Consent Decree To Obtain Training, Staffing And Support

The National Police Association has written President Trump advising him the Baltimore Police Consent Decree, a two hundred twenty-seven (227) page document with more than five hundred (500) articulated paragraphs of content, written by the Obama era Justice Department and forced upon Baltimore Patrol Officers, is without exception a hammer being used by the City Read More >

National Police Association Files Bar Complaint Against District Attorney Elect Rachael Rollins

National Police Association has filed a Massachusetts state bar complaint against Suffolk County, Massachusetts DA Elect Rachael Rollins (“Rollins”), alleging the Boston lawyer violated ethics rules when she campaigned for District Attorney representing to the public that Rollins, regardless of what laws were in place and regardless of the rule of law itself, would affirmatively Read More >

The National Police Association Joins Group In Supporting DOJ Against California

Judge Gavel

By NPA | 30 Sep, 2018 The National Police Association joined with the National Sheriffs’ Association and two organizations that support victims of crimes by undocumented immigrants in backing the United States in its opposition to sanctuary laws in California, arguing to the Ninth Circuit in a friend-of-the-court brief, it should overturn California laws interfering with Read More >

National Police Association Requests Investigation Of San Jose, CA’s Independent Police Auditor

Abandoned Vehicle

By NPA • 19 Aug, 2018   The National Police Association has filed a request for an Investigation of San Jose, CA Independent Police Auditor (IPA) Aaron Zisser with the San Jose Board of Fair Campaign and Political Practices. The National Police Association’s concerns regarding the San Jose, CA Independent Police Auditor are three-fold. First, IPA Read More >

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