Conversations About Cops With Friends

Conversations About Cops With Friends

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D. I knew when one of my most supportive friends, a former combat pilot and conservative, asked what was going on in law enforcement after hearing so much controversy in the wake of the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, that the assumption of support from the silent Read more »

Mayor Inserts Sanity into Homelessness Crisis: Enforcement First

By Steve Pomper  It’s easy for us to retreat to our political factions regarding responses to increasing crime, but it should be more than that. Cops serving in blue jurisdictions want to enforce the laws equally when addressing homelessness, addiction, and mental illness-related street crime. Unfortunately, many blue city leaders won’t allow cops to enforce the Read more »

That ‘Unity’ Trumpeted by Politicians Has Been Portrayed by Cops for Ages, Despite Anti-police Din

By Stephen Owsinski Ongoing examples of interactions between cops and citizens symbolizing togetherness and “unity” without the implications of politics involved never cease to amaze. It was the picture above which conjured the aforementioned statement and analogy portrayed in the remainder of this article, centered on and parlayed from a program called #CopsCare. What you Read more »

Andy Ngo’s Unmasked: A Resource for Police Anti-Antifa Strategies

By Steve Pomper  Andy Ngo is probably the single American who best knows the internal workings, tactics, strategies, and goals of the anti-police group Antifa, which, ironically, stands for anti-fascist. The independent journalist has paid a painful price to accumulate his knowledge of leftist radicals. Antifa militants have assaulted Ngo several times, including a brutal beating Read more »

Watch the National Police Association Report 2-28-2021

Sunday 2-28 10am ET with Jason Rantz, talk radio host KTTH 770AM/94.5 FM in Seattle/Tacoma & Fox News Contributor, online at https://Pluto.TV/live-tv/The-First or on the app or after broadcast on

The Medical Justice System?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D. Does free will exist? The question of free will is essential to the criminal justice system, without which no one could be held accountable for their behavior. Legal defenses that involve mental capacity address the accused’s ability to form intent, to understand the nature of their actions, and their Read more »