Reporter’s Exposé on Police Canine Teams: ‘Our Community is Safer Thanks to Man’s Best Friend’

Reporter’s Exposé on Police Canine Teams: ‘Our Community is Safer Thanks to Man’s Best Friend’

By Stephen Owsinski Nampa, Idaho police department canine exposé by news reporter Savannah Hankard’s coverage entailed her donning the full bite-suit and catching a canine clench—in other words, the canine clench caught her. As soon as the missile launched and nailed its target, the words “Holy crap!” instantly slipped out of her mouth, compelled by Read more »

Safeguarding the Public in Unsafe Conditions

By Stephen Owsinski With inclement weather heavily in the headlines lately, the nation’s public safety professionals are out there doing their darndest to safeguard motorists navigating nature’s treacherous droppings such as snow, ice, and rain…creating unsafe conditions on highways and byways. Some police cruisers aiding crash victims and stranded drivers find themselves in harm’s way, Read more »

Police Program Showcases Homeless Shelter Dogs as ‘K9s for a Day,’ Resulting in Adoptions and Forever Homes

By Stephen Owsinski Law enforcement officers are great facilitators of things, and a Florida-based program has now gone to the dogs but in a positive way…with a police program called K9 for a Day helping get homeless shelter dogs adopted by loving families. The Clearwater Police Department partnered with the Humane Society of Pinellas County Read more »

Police Steward Throughout the Holiday Season

By Stephen Owsinski Among many feats performed by cops, reaching out to people from all walks of life is a staple ingredient that testifies to why they took the police officer’s oath, and the holiday season is ripe with examples of true-blue blessings. A few days ago, a childhood friend of mine posted to her Read more »

Deputies’ Seasonal Deeds Fulfill Special Needs

By Stephen Owsinski There are different police programs in which cops cater seasonal fulfillment and joy around the year-end holidays, especially around Christmas, ensuring many hearts are uplifted, spirited, and festive…all compliments of first responders and police organizations. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, Florida, rolled out a complete ensemble of various law enforcement Read more »

Rescuing Rescuers: ‘Aussie the Greyhound’ Joins Dallas Police Wellness Unit

By Stephen Owsinski Greyhounds are known to be winners with superior sprinting traits but also have capitalized characteristics when interacting with humans, especially those confronting chronic duress from careers in law enforcement. Hence, the Dallas Police Wellness Unit has added four-year-old “Austin” (aka Aussie) the greyhound to their specialized staff to aid Dallas police personnel Read more »

R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the San Diego Police R.S.V.P. Unit

By Stephen Owsinski With the unfortunate depletion of sworn law enforcement officers stemming from the ludicrous defund-the-police noise and demoralization of cops —compliments of contrarians and their criminal pacification— an all-hands-on-deck initiative is necessary among America’s police organizations. Enter San Diego PD’s R.S.V.P. program, incorporating senior-age citizens as civilian volunteers on patrol. R.S.V.P. Similar to Read more »

Whatever Happened to Community Policing

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D It was the 90s and America was fed up with crime. The crack epidemic, predictions about juvenile delinquency, and panic about gangs kept crime in the headlines. Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign in 1992 against incumbent George Bush was centered on the economy but also touted addressing crime as a Read more »

Policeman’s Big Heart

By Stephen Owsinski A policeman in North Little Rock, Arkansas, has been diligently stewarding his community and meeting its needs in every way he can, exuding pure police heart and blessings for those on his beat. Corporal Tommy Norman is famously a man about town. The children in North Little Rock admiringly refer to him Read more »

‘Blue+You’ Fosters Police Community Relations

By Stephen Owsinski I am not a marketer other than shopping at the super one, but I believe the Blue+You on a police officer’s uniform shirt is a valid statement and an ideal way to kindle community relations to foist us out of this anti-police pit dug by nefarious politics and their ilk. The policewoman Read more »