‘A Meal to Heal’ Gesture Feeds First Responders Grieving Four Fallen LEOs

Launching a New Police Marine Unit

By Stephen Owsinski Many years ago, when I first landed in Florida from NYC, just about every police agency I researched included “Swim Test” among their basic requirements for eligibility as a law enforcement officer. It follows, that public safety entities in the Sunshine State employ a marine unit to patrol its waterways, ensure boating Read more »

Cops Laud Youngsters for ‘Do The Right Thing’ Success

By Stephen Owsinski One of my favorite initiatives involving law enforcement agencies mentoring and awarding the success of youngsters is the “Do The Right Thing” program. Many law enforcement entities have a hand in this positively constructive project. No matter where in the nation, the primary mission is synonymous… Per the pages of the Miami, Read more »

Animals in Dire Straits: Cops to the Rescue

By Stephen Owsinski    Although stray animals roaming free and cops responding to animal abuse calls are nothing new, the ubiquitous compassion of law enforcement officers is on full display when either a domestic pet or wild livestock needs salvation. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way Read more »

We Light It Up Blue in Honor of You

By Stephen Owsinski  There are myriad ways America’s law enforcement officers carry out duties on behalf of a bustling population that comprises the world’s most definitive melting pot and all the trials and tribulations that come with it. As such, we honor your scope of sacrifices and oath-fulfilled covenants, as you continue serving as His Read more »

Cops Competing for a Cause: 5K Foot Pursuit is a Winner

By Stephen Owsinski It is not a fad or trend that cops compete in various ways to raise funds for causes near and dear to hurting hearts, evincing the breadth of layers of humanitarianism among America’s law enforcement professionals. As our beloved nation roils over geopolitical fallout and national upheaval in myriad ways, our first Read more »

Cops Console Traumatized Children

By Stephen Owsinski Every cop has heart and conviction before they enter the profession of law enforcement, and the humanistic virtues that shine are most illuminated when children are involved in traumatizing incidents and police officers pillar frightened and confused young souls, consoling them when they need it most. Kids jolted in car crashes are Read more »

A Cut Above: Deep-Undercover Cop Saves Children by a Hair

By Stephen Owsinski Law enforcement officers going deep undercover to infiltrate groups of bad actors, gain rapport, meticulously stitch solid cases, and deposit violent phantoms in jail cells…is a notoriously perilous assignment in police work. Undercover cops talk the talk, walk the walk, and dress the part, including beards and long hair. After several years Read more »

Missing Persons with Memory Loss and the Cops Who Get Them Home

By Stephen Owsinski Lately, I’ve been hearing first-hand accounts from friends and family mentioning instances of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s…and how the police handle reports of missing person cases in the demographics. On March 21, 2024, officers with the Hemet Police Department encountered such a call, involving an elderly individual with dementia who wandered Read more »