Manchester Police Athletic League Receives Donation from the National Police Association

The Decriminalization of ‘Survival Crimes’ By Progressive Prosecutors Makes Everyone Less Safe

By Steve Pomper One of the latest attempts to mutilate the criminal justice system is the theory of so-called “survival crimes.” These are crimes where officials running criminal justice systems in leftist jurisdictions consider not the nature of the crime, but the social circumstance of the offender. Officials in these locales experiment with concepts that are Read more »

Rising threats require getting back to the basics

By Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (ret.) I was a cop for 29 years, a police dispatcher before that, and I’ve been a police trainer for decades.  Every morning I receive a summary of police officer-related news in my email inbox.  From officer-involved shootings, vehicle crashes and use of force editorials to lawsuits, protests and ambushes, I Read more »

When people despise cops and coddle criminals, victims suffer

By Steve Pomper There’s an important group getting lost within the ideological fog created by anti-police, pro-criminal politicians and community activist cop critics and criminal coddlers. The anti-good guy animus and pro-bad guy deference is prolific and well documented. The lack of respect for cops, the lack of support, and irrational expectations affect how law enforcement Read more »

Benefit of Doubt

By Steve Pomper Being a police officer is challenging. That’s not news. Cops have always had their critics, and that’s a good thing in some ways. For one, it keeps officers aware of the special responsibility they have in a civil society. They are the sword and shield arms of their communities. More than any other Read more »