New ‘See Through Walls’ Technology for Law Enforcement Operations’ Situational Awareness

New ‘See Through Walls’ Technology for Law Enforcement Operations’ Situational Awareness

By Stephen Owsinski An Israeli technology company has engineered a remote-based device with Superman-ish capability, enabling law enforcement officers to “see through walls,” whether up-close or from a safer distance. Per the company’s press release, “For the first time, military forces, law enforcement agencies, and first responders are able to detect live objects beyond the Read more »

Sheriff: Cartel Drug Flow ‘Makes Every Town and County in America a Border Town’

By Stephen Owsinski Like other jurisdictions nowhere near the United States southern border, on Florida’s east coast, Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly provided a blanket statement of how Mexican cartel drug lords’ poisons permeate throughout America, regardless of where that may be. Sheriff Staly offered us the following words colorizing the impacts of cartel drug Read more »

Small Number of Offenders Magnify Crime

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Like a white dot on a field of black, our attention is inevitably drawn to the outlier, the loudest, the brightest flash, and the thing that creates the most fear and unknown. We are built like that because noticing things that are out of place has survival value to Read more »

A Tale of Two State Supreme Courts Ruling on Criminal Justice Issues

By Steve Pomper    American courts, these days, can be so frustrating, especially for people interested in equal justice. Take the Washington State Supreme Court that, as reported by the NPA, recently ruled the state’s cops must consider a driver’s race/ethnicity before a traffic stop can be considered to be a “legal” detention. Their ruling is a prima Read more »

State Police Announce ‘Reorganization’ Due to ‘Changing Demands of the Public Safety Environment’

By Stephen Owsinski Late at night on June 10, 2022, a public information officer (PIO) with the Maine State Police published a press release announcing forthcoming major changes in the law enforcement agency’s infrastructure stemming from “changing demands of the public safety environment.” Department of Public Safety PIO Shannon Moss outlined plans to implement midnight-shift Read more »

The Naked Truth About the Unclothed

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Ever since Adam and Eve looked down and realized they were naked and that was somehow not quite right, most of humanity has insisted on covering up. When law enforcement officers encounter a nude individual, the presumption is that there is something very wrong. How much clothing is the Read more »