March Madness isn’t Just for Basketball

March Madness isn’t Just for Basketball

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Yes that magical time of the smell of refreshing rains, the chirping of birds returning to the budding trees, and tender flowers pushing their way through the thawing soil. It’s also time for gang members to pick up some extra cash for not committing crime. Of  course they have Read more »

Community Protests Opioid Clinic “Rammed Down Our Throats”

By Steve Pomper Alderwood residents outraged at company attempting to locate opioid clinic into building near Little League fields and Boys & Girls Club An opiod clinic just opened in the Alderwood neighborhood of Lynnwood, WA. a suburb north of Seattle. It seems that everyone opposed to Acadia Healthcare’s apparent stealthy ramming of an opioid treatment center near Read more »

Police Memorials and the Artisans Who Give Them Life

By Stephen Owsinski It is a bittersweet testament that many newer police memorials tributing our fallen law enforcement officers were emplaced during an unprecedented wave of historic statues being fastidiously toppled all around our nation. In many ways, times and national tempo have drastically changed which, by virtue of public safety vows, increased societal perils Read more »

National Police Association Launches Public Service Announcement Illustrating that ‘Police Reform’ Means Taking Law Enforcement out of Policing

(Indianapolis, IN) When politicians talk about ‘reimagining policing’ or ‘police reform’ or ‘criminal justice reform’, there is no mystery as to what they mean. They mean taking law enforcement out of policing. In this police dashcam video obtained via a public records request from the Washington State Patrol, an officer tries to stop a reckless Read more »

Like Cops, Should School Teachers Have to Pass a Psychological Test to be Hired?

By Steve Pomper   Elementary School Classroom (File) The NPA’s own Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (Ret.) recently noted on Twitter, “Perhaps it’s time for teachers…like cops, firefighters and military recruits…to successfully pass a psychological test before they are hired.” It seems odd that they don’t, right? But, with the powerful teachers’ unions, that’s not going to happen Read more »

Communist China Establishes Police Station on U.S. Soil

By Steve Pomper   I was at my local coffee shop, chatting with a local cop buddy, when I mentioned a story I’d read about China setting up local police stations in foreign countries—including the United States. His look of disbelief told me I should at least get this on cop’s and supporters’ radar screens. With Read more »

Coming To the Aid of Cops

By Stephen Owsinski Through recency, we’ve all clenched our jaws and gnashed our teeth after seeing tons of uploaded recordings of cops wrangling with resistant wrongdoers while trying to effect arrests…as pop-up video-taping do-nothings fantasize about TMZ buying their footage. Ugh! Those coming to the aid of cops, however, deserve the accolades and whatever recognition Read more »

Attacks on Firefighters Increasing, Affecting Police Deployment

By Steve Pomper   Seattle Fire Department Though we normally deal with the police side of public safety, what happens to our brothers and sisters on the fire side sometimes affects the cops directly. Like the increase in attacks against on-duty firefighters while answering 911 calls, which require a police response. Two firefighters were assaulted by a man overdosing Read more »