Wildwood, FL Police Department Awarded National Police Association Grant

Is it time to be fed up with crime yet?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Anyone observing the cycle of crime can watch the graphs at work. Crime goes up. Laws get more severe and police are empowered to deal with criminal activity. Crime goes down. Laws get watered down, penalties get reduced, and law enforcement gets fewer dollars and support. Crime goes up. Read more »

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Setting Bond: When No Amount Is Enough

By Doug Wyllie In early September 2022, officers responded to a report of shots fired at an apartment complex on the south side of Moorhead, Minnesota. Upon arrival, they discovered a man—later identified as 32-year-old Abdi Mohamed Abdi—dead from multiple gunshot wounds. An initial investigation uncovered a surveillance video in which a gunman was seen Read more »

Law Enforcement Literally Cleaning Up Cities

By Stephen Owsinski Is there nothing law enforcement officers won’t do? To the extent any profession is known to go out of its way, policing is up there. Although “taking out the trash” has a metaphorical connotation —a negative one— it seems cops are also literally conducting cleanup operations in their respective jurisdictions. With the Read more »

Pay For That Donut

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D There was a day when police officers on the beat were expected to grab a free apple from the corner grocery. In more corrupt agencies, the freebies could even be cash as an incentive to keep an eye on a business. Business owners may have wanted to show their Read more »

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Revitalizing Public Safety: An Uphill Climb Thanks to Pitiful Policies

By Stephen Owsinski Utterly awful policies and justice reforms instituted by politicos, forfeiting public safety to the detriment of everyone, are examples of reckless leadership abusing power and betraying the citizenry despite loud logic screaming “No, that will be disastrous!” Recent years have cost lives, needlessly. Both citizens and cops found themselves pitted against a Read more »

Happy New Year?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D It may be a new year, but in the world of police work, is anything really new? It took less than 48 hours into 2023 for the first murder of a police officer. Chief Justin McIntire of the Brackenridge Borough Police Department, Pennsylvania was part of the pursuit of Read more »