The National Police Association helps sponsor truck owner NASCAR made remove “Back the Blue” decal

State Troopers Help Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

By Stephen Owsinski Contingents of state troopers from the New York State Police and the New Jersey State Police were bid adieu at northeast airports after they deboarded buses and hopped on airplanes headed to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona ravaged the island, leaving it powerless and in despair. As with prior natural disasters, first Read more »

It Is ‘Head-spinning’ to Defund or Federalize Police

By Stephen Owsinski On Thursday, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz took to the podium on the Hill during a hearing combing through several police-funding bills, and he unloosed what many public safety-minded Americans are thinking. In a brief excerpt from Rep. Gaetz’s speech, he threw Missouri Rep. Cori Bush under the bus for her ongoing clamor Read more »

Emotional Challenges for Humans that Happen to be Cops

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Dealing with other humans is often stressful. That fact isn’t unique to police officers. Anyone in retail, medicine, teaching or a host of other public contact jobs will have a story to tell. Police officers are almost always dealing with people who are not in their happiest moments. Nobody Read more »

The Good Police Leader

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D If there was one way to be a good leader there would be one book on the shelf at the bookstore, instead of an entire section on leadership. You can lead like a Naval commander of a battleship, a major league coach, or even Jesus. You can be a Read more »

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Pretends to Care About Public Safety

By Steve Pomper   Pretending she is tough on crime, NY Gov. Kathy Hochul has announced the state will be installing 6,400 security cameras in NYC’s subway cars. According to the AP, this is happening “as officials work to rebuild riders’ faith in the system’s safety.” Does anyone else see the glaring disconnect here? I’m sure the NYPD Read more »

Coming To the Aid of Cops

By Stephen Owsinski Through recency, we’ve all clenched our jaws and gnashed our teeth after seeing tons of uploaded recordings of cops wrangling with resistant wrongdoers while trying to effect arrests…as pop-up video-taping do-nothings fantasize about TMZ buying their footage. Ugh! Those coming to the aid of cops, however, deserve the accolades and whatever recognition Read more »