Sheriff Lauds New Pro-Police Laws, Declares Florida ‘The Most Law Enforcement Friendly State in the Country’

Sheriff Lauds New Pro-Police Laws, Declares Florida ‘The Most Law Enforcement Friendly State in the Country’

By Stephen Owsinski  While other jurisdictions steamroll the law enforcement community and gleefully hand out gift baskets to bona fide criminals, Florida has passed even more legislative acts that support cops in their official duties of serving justice by locking up violators who hinder cops. With this, it is unlawful to impede, threaten, or harass Read more »

Signs of Support for First Responders

By Stephen Owsinski Signs of police support are across the sides of buildings, on roadside billboards, and just about anywhere a huge banner can fit…and it is inspiring. Our cover photo depicts a newly erected billboard attesting to the embrace of Seattle, Washington first responders. A spokesperson for the Seattle Police Foundation posted this about Read more »

Police-Supporting Journalists of Good Rapport

By Stephen Owsinski With all the ongoing legacy media being rightly criticized for biased journalism, for openly barking falsities about those who serve in the law enforcement community, it is befitting to highlight those reporters who pillar police work and the heroes who carry it out against all odds. On January 5, 2024, the New Read more »

Police Service Dog Honors Fallen Officer Namesake

By Stephen Owsinski The law enforcement profession is made more effective with the introduction and varied applications of certified service canines in police work. The bonds between badges shared by canine and handler are unbreakable, and when one is downed in the line of duty, pictures paint heartfelt sentiments and ensuing grief. Albeit bittersweet, it Read more »

Positive Reinforcement in a Negativistic Anti-Police Era

By Stephen Owsinski The anti-police movement is inescapable for everyone, especially America’s law enforcement officers confronting the evils of society while also being hounded by negativistic mouthpieces chanting the abolition of public safety heroes. As antithetical as it gets. As is customary in law enforcement circles, for good and bad duty days, positive reinforcement is Read more »

Protecting Police Dogs

By Stephen Owsinski Every time I realize another police canine is gifted life-saving ballistic vests sponsored by the National Police Association —made possible thanks to the patronage of pro-police subscribers’ generosity and caring hearts— I am contented knowing they fight the good fight with protective barriers on their bodies. Generally, it is larger law enforcement Read more »

Pride in Policing

By Stephen Owsinski I started seeing more posts from police organizations heralding their officers for staying the course, for dutifully braving the frontlines in the incendiary face of anarchy and malevolence beefed up by antithetical government policies and putrid anti-police messaging. This material is not only to honor those cops who attended a roll call Read more »