Positive Reinforcement in a Negativistic Anti-Police Era

Positive Reinforcement in a Negativistic Anti-Police Era

By Stephen Owsinski The anti-police movement is inescapable for everyone, especially America’s law enforcement officers confronting the evils of society while also being hounded by negativistic mouthpieces chanting the abolition of public safety heroes. As antithetical as it gets. As is customary in law enforcement circles, for good and bad duty days, positive reinforcement is Read more »

Not Just Bullets

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Shots fired. Man with a gun. Those are not only the calls that send a surge of adrenaline through responding officers’ bodies but also comprise the fodder for the fictional encounters and shoot-outs of television and movies. Gunfire does, indeed, make up the largest percentage of murders of police Read more »

Points Against Aiming Lasers at Law Enforcement Aircraft

By Stephen Owsinski Resulting in an automatic felony charge, a grown man behind the wheel of a car foolishly pointed a laser up at a taxpayer-owned law enforcement helicopter in a Manatee County, Florida, subdivision populated by citizens peacefully enjoying their private space, never suspecting anything could come crashing down upon them. Pointing a laser Read more »

The Last Officer Down

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D As we watch the numbers throughout each year, week by week we read of the officers lost in the line of duty. Crashes, shootings, ambushes, and duty-related illnesses, take their toll. We hold our breath at the end of the year, wondering with fearful anticipation who might be the Read more »

Prayers for Protection

By Stephen Owsinski Due to abysmal leadership fanning flames of hatred resulting in unprecedented violence against our nation’s law enforcement officers, daily duty briefings sometimes include prayers for protection over men and women doing dangerous public safety work on behalf of citizens.  The state of our nation in terms of a faltering economy, while federal Read more »

Coming To the Aid of Cops

By Stephen Owsinski Through recency, we’ve all clenched our jaws and gnashed our teeth after seeing tons of uploaded recordings of cops wrangling with resistant wrongdoers while trying to effect arrests…as pop-up video-taping do-nothings fantasize about TMZ buying their footage. Ugh! Those coming to the aid of cops, however, deserve the accolades and whatever recognition Read more »

Bringing the Fight to Police HQ

By Stephen Owsinski Due to certain politicians coddling criminals, armed malcontents have expanded their brazen behavior by bringing gunfights to police precincts, engaging law enforcement officers in parking lots and lobbies where cops hub. On Sunday, FBI Director Christopher Wray punctuated the crazy trend of America’s cops being targeted by crazies: “Violence against law enforcement Read more »

The Police Family at Risk

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D In August of 2020, Officer Joseph Mensah of the Wauwatosa, WI, police was attacked by a mob at his home who were enraged over a police shooting. What reporters described as “protestors” vandalized Mensah’s home while he and his girlfriend were present. As the off-duty officer attempted to talk Read more »