Prematurely Reporting the Suspect Was “Unarmed”

Prematurely Reporting the Suspect Was “Unarmed”

By Steve Pomper    Police officer arrests man in Baltimore (Keith Allison, CC 2.0) Enough! What is it with media’s and cop critics’ careless (malicious) reporting about police officers compelled to use lethal force on “unarmed” suspects? Reporting like that can help lead to an officer’s unnecessary discipline, termination, or bogus criminal charges. One faulty method Read more »

After Horrific Ambush on LEOs in Charlotte, the Caliber of America’s Cops Prevails: ‘Yet Somehow Today They All Got Up to Do it Again’

By Stephen Owsinski Another infamous day recorded in the annals of our brave, forward-stepping law enforcement officers felled by a crazed gunman harboring zero value for life unfolded on April 29, 2024, in Charlotte, North Carolina, resulting in four cops slain in the line of duty and several others hospitalized. In total, eight law enforcement Read more »

Praying for the Protection of Law Enforcement Heroes

By Stephen Owsinski The way our society is nowadays, with cops increasingly in the crosshairs of maniacs brazenly launching cold-blooded killings, laying hands on law enforcement officers, and persistently praying over their lives is always paramount. In the small space of a few days, several heinous murders of uniformed police officers have shaken us to Read more »

Proxemics (Personal Space) and Officer Survival

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D “I don’t shake hands,” said the veteran officer, then he continued with his business. I thought that seemed rude but I reluctantly followed his lead most of the time for the rest of my career. Smiles and handshakes are essential human interactions, at least in the culture I know, Read more »

Knives Out

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Over the past decade, as of this writing, 10 police officers were stabbed to death in the line of duty. Interestingly, 10 police K9s died from stabbing attacks in that same period. In the minds of some – notably police critics – the use of deadly force by police Read more »

Charges Dropped Against Accused Illegal Alien Cop-Killer, Suing Deceased Deputy’s Estate

By Steve Pomper  I’m sure you remember the recent video showing that oh-so-charming illegal immigrant, allegedly involved in assaulting two NYPD officers, flipping off America after he was released without bail. Well, the lawyers for another illegal alien who reportedly caused the death of a Florida deputy sheriff are letting America know they ain’t seen nothing yet. According to Read more »

Positive Reinforcement in a Negativistic Anti-Police Era

By Stephen Owsinski The anti-police movement is inescapable for everyone, especially America’s law enforcement officers confronting the evils of society while also being hounded by negativistic mouthpieces chanting the abolition of public safety heroes. As antithetical as it gets. As is customary in law enforcement circles, for good and bad duty days, positive reinforcement is Read more »

Not Just Bullets

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Shots fired. Man with a gun. Those are not only the calls that send a surge of adrenaline through responding officers’ bodies but also comprise the fodder for the fictional encounters and shoot-outs of television and movies. Gunfire does, indeed, make up the largest percentage of murders of police Read more »