The Police Family at Risk

The Police Family at Risk

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D In August of 2020, Officer Joseph Mensah of the Wauwatosa, WI, police was attacked by a mob at his home who were enraged over a police shooting. What reporters described as “protestors” vandalized Mensah’s home while he and his girlfriend were present. As the off-duty officer attempted to talk Read more »

Court Reinstates Defamation Case for Two Seattle Cops Suing Socialist City Councilmember

By Steve Pomper  The political atmosphere in the U.S. currently pits nearly every government, social, civic, and cultural institution against conservatives generally and specifically against law enforcement officers. Even when cops attempt to push back, using the political system as designed for redress, many leftist judges prove they are “referees” playing for the other team, ruling Read more »

How Politicians Scared People to Death

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D We often hear the rhetoric of war. How easy it is to send our men and women into harm’s way to another place where we do not have to hear the sounds of combat or breathe the foul air in a distant land. While politicians debate the reasons and Read more »

Mob Struck by Police Car After Surrounding Trapped Tacoma Cop

By Steve Pomper  Sometimes the legacy media (local and national) are shameless with their inflammatory headlines. No… wait… all the time. The (Tacoma) News Tribune recently headlined, “Tacoma police car plows through crowd of pedestrians gathered at downtown street race.” The Tribune makes it sound like people were watching a sanctioned high school drag race night at Read more »

Hidden Dangers of “Routine” Calls

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D. A walk through the archives of the Officer Down Memorial Page shows the unpredictability of lethal encounters. Officers responding to routine calls for service can find their lives at risk over the most unexpected calls. Although every officer is trained to expect the unexpected and be ready to respond Read more »

Despite Deputy’s Textbook De-escalation Techniques, Fugitive Makes Fatal Decision

By Stephen Owsinski A young adult of 27 years whose criminal history is reportedly “extensive” made a fatal decision when, despite Hillsborough County, Florida deputies exemplifying stellar de-escalation techniques and talking the wanted man into peaceful surrender, he reached toward his waistband where minutes prior he said he had a gun. The Street Crimes Unit Read more »