Defining De-escalation

Defining De-escalation

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The word of the decade for law enforcement is “de-escalation”. But what does that really mean? If it means that police are expected to have a conversation with every violent offender or irate citizen until they start smiling and invite the officer in for iced tea. Sure, that can Read more »

Police Defunders Betray Crime Victims

By Stephen Owsinski As witnessed from the get-go, the defund the police thrust culminated in easily foreseeable spikes in crime and victimization. Many law enforcement agencies sustaining loss in funds to effectively operate and fulfill the public safety mission had no choice but to cleave some of their specialty units. Increased criminality stemming from downsized Read more »

Killing Rampage Across America in Leftist-Run Cities Continues Unabated

By Steve Pomper The assaults, robberies, rapes, and even murders that occurred in CHOP/CHAZ weren’t enough to make Seattle’s radical mayor, city (non) prosecutor, and the, even more, radical city council divest themselves of stupid and end their moratorium on equal justice and law and order. Even all the additional violent crime that occurred apart from Read more »

National Police Association Files Federal Lawsuit Over False and Defamatory Indianapolis Star Article

In 2019, the Indianapolis Star and its syndicator, the Associated Press (Defendants) published a total of three articles containing false and defamatory claims about the National Police Association. Because the original article was syndicated by the Associated Press to multiple publishers it exists online at many sites with many headlines. The articles relied on claims Read more »

We Have Some Incredible Protectors Among Us!

By Stephen Owsinski Those were the words from a citizen who recently experienced a ride-along with the Amarillo, Texas police department. With the way our society has been grossly misled by anti-police squawk boxes significantly skewing the phenomenal work our nation’s cops perform daily, it is wise to consider riding along with any of the Read more »

Portland: Adding “Gun Violence” Prevention Unit After Just Cutting “Gun Violence” Prevention Unit

By Steve Pomper Last year, in response to the radical’s call for defunding the Portland chapter of ACAB, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) dismantled a specialty squad formed to prevent violent crime, particularly those committed with illegal firearms. So, violent crime, particularly firearms related, has soared in Portland since the defund the police “success.”  Portland defunded its police Read more »

Badges, Books, and Bike Rodeos

By Stephen Owsinski Whether on or off, a cop’s duty as a public servant is on a uniquely notable continuum. Although there are allusions to the precept that always on is not necessarily a good thing for human physiology, it is nevertheless a psychological thrill when investments translate to immediate dividends, punctuated by smiles all Read more »