Troopers Brimming with Bravery

Troopers Brimming with Bravery

By Stephen Owsinski Although there is a severe shortage of law enforcement officers, there is no deficiency in the requisite bravery of our troopers out there combatting crime amid perilous velocity of traffic…with the safety of everyone as the staple ingredient, despite the risk to their own lives. With several major holidays in the last Read more »

The Manifesto: Evidence and Educational Opportunity

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The mysteries of homicidal attackers in public and sacred spaces have garnered attention and study. From the local school’s threat assessment team to the FBI and Secret Service, researchers and psychologists have attempted to draft a profile of those who threaten our safety and sense of peace and predictability. Read more »

Part two: Nevada Sheriff, County, Vendor, and Outside Counsel, Fight Against Treatment of Brave Detective’s Debilitating On-Duty Injury.

The Wounded Blue Shows Kim Frankel She’s Not Alone. By Steve Pomper Here we are again, back to learn more about betrayed Washoe County Sheriff’s Detective Kim Frankel’s, as she calls it, “journey” (she’s being kind). On the day her life inexorably changed, she was assigned to the Crimes Against Persons Unit, specializing in sex crimes Read more »

Positive Reinforcement in a Negativistic Anti-Police Era

By Stephen Owsinski The anti-police movement is inescapable for everyone, especially America’s law enforcement officers confronting the evils of society while also being hounded by negativistic mouthpieces chanting the abolition of public safety heroes. As antithetical as it gets. As is customary in law enforcement circles, for good and bad duty days, positive reinforcement is Read more »

Selling Out Citizens: NYC Mayor Cleaves Police After Funding Sanctuary City Elements, Hires ‘Nightlife Mayor’

By Stephen Owsinski How politicos think and render decisions on behalf of many citizens is crucial to an environment’s welfare and public safety successes, both mainstay ingredients for all other aspects to prosper. Yet it is bewildering to see city figureheads going about governance with antithetical initiatives that, although seemingly likable, undercut core responsibilities such Read more »

The National Police Association Mobile Billboard Sharing the Support the Police Message in Atlanta

  Indianapolis, November 24, 2023 – As Atlanta suffers from its police department being hundreds of officers short, residents continue to be threatened by a local government that refuses to hold criminals accountable, and a collection of criminal anarchists conspire to halt the new police training facility, the National Police Association’s “Cops are Heroes” mobile Read more »

Training in Transition

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Long before the current shouts for police reform, police leaders and trainers have been considering the efficiency of basic police academy training. Since the New York City School of Pistol Practice in 1895, which grew into a more generalized policy academy by 1909, there was early opposition to the Read more »

Floundering Prosecutors Failing

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D In police reform language, sometimes accountability seems to mean unforgiving, zero-tolerance criminal prosecution of police officers. The vast majority of times when a police officer’s decision is criticized by skeptics the facts, if allowed to be known and explored, weigh in favor of the officer. An Austin, TX, police Read more »

Watch: Police Mitigate ‘Sovereign Citizens’ Exempting Themselves from U.S. Laws

By Stephen Owsinski Deputies with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida encountered a few “sovereign citizens” stemming from a traffic stop for displaying a license plate that was self-manufactured and self-proclaiming non-participation in the laws, rules, and regulations we acknowledge in American society. So, what is a sovereign citizen, and what is their premise? Read more »