The Manifesto: Evidence and Educational Opportunity

The Manifesto: Evidence and Educational Opportunity

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The mysteries of homicidal attackers in public and sacred spaces have garnered attention and study. From the local school’s threat assessment team to the FBI and Secret Service, researchers and psychologists have attempted to draft a profile of those who threaten our safety and sense of peace and predictability. Read more »

Watch: Police Mitigate ‘Sovereign Citizens’ Exempting Themselves from U.S. Laws

By Stephen Owsinski Deputies with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida encountered a few “sovereign citizens” stemming from a traffic stop for displaying a license plate that was self-manufactured and self-proclaiming non-participation in the laws, rules, and regulations we acknowledge in American society. So, what is a sovereign citizen, and what is their premise? Read more »

What’s All That Stuff?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D One of the things I did, to most kids’ delight, when I was “Officer Friendly” visiting schools, was to give them a tour of my “batbelt”. Even today, as a School Safety Officer, the question “What is all that stuff” is common. As a walking piece of history, I Read more »

From the Public Safety Cockpit

By Stephen Owsinski One other advantage of body-worn cameras (BWCs) used by law enforcement officers for varying purposes is the unique ability to be a vicarious spectator witnessing major police actions unfold…and all the supersensory stimuli that go with it. Such a hair-raising scene experienced by law enforcement officers is the mobile police pursuit whereby Read more »

Stopping Crazy Drivers

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D It is a decision every patrol officer must eventually make – to chase or not to chase. A 4,000-pound missile of iron traveling at high speed is a deadly weapon from a millisecond of a poor decision or plain bad luck. If an officer pursues, will a resulting crash Read more »

Six Methods of Response to Habitual Police Critics

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D In the tradition of no good deed going unpunished, police critics could not celebrate relief after the capture of fugitive murderer Danelo Cavalcante. In addition to the complaint that it took too long to achieve a successful end to the manhunt, that the use of thermal imaging can be Read more »

De-escalation: Internal and External

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Why didn’t they de-escalate? That’s the question posed after police use of force events asked by citizens of goodwill and skeptics alike. It is a valid question and one that deserves an answer. The answer is that the officer did de-escalate if they kept a situation from getting to Read more »

Leading by Example: Sheriff and Command Staff Hit the Streets

By Stephen Owsinski Nowadays, the word “progressive” has a negative connotation due to a political party plunging their hair-brained policies and schemes down our throats, tyrannically telling us how to live. Positively, a county sheriff’s command staff is progressively hitting the street beat, illustrating Why they entered the law enforcement profession. “Going out on patrol Read more »