Cops: Reporting for Duty Despite Calls for ‘Unity’ Contradicted by Anti-Police Noise

Cops: Reporting for Duty Despite Calls for ‘Unity’ Contradicted by Anti-Police Noise

By Stephen Owsinski As we enter 2021 with the anti-police rancor still wafting and a new commander-in-chief supplanting the former law-and-order president, it is astonishing that through it all…our nation’s law enforcement officers who took tons of heat, ridicule, criticism, and hatred unwaveringly report for duty and help mete-out societal woes—as best they’re permitted (Google Read more »

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Mob Struck by Police Car After Surrounding Trapped Tacoma Cop

By Steve Pomper  Sometimes the legacy media (local and national) are shameless with their inflammatory headlines. No… wait… all the time. The (Tacoma) News Tribune recently headlined, “Tacoma police car plows through crowd of pedestrians gathered at downtown street race.” The Tribune makes it sound like people were watching a sanctioned high school drag race night at Read more »

Drones Transform Traffic Crash Investigations, Enhance Officer Safety

By Stephen Owsinski One of the biggest thrills in my police career was going up in a county sheriff’s office chopper to record aerial imagery of a traffic fatality down below. I was assisting one of our department’s traffic homicide investigators (THI, later redesignated as TFI for traffic fatality investigators…since most crash-related deaths are “accidents”) Read more »

A Prime Suspect in Inciting Anti-Police Violence

By Stephen Owsinski Gotta love research gurus and the time invested to unearth intriguing things, some of which are eye-opening and appalling. Such findings often redirect our course of action, encourage consideration of other options, and reallocate our hard-earned economy by patronizing entities which align with our personal values and beliefs. Most often that manifests Read more »

Radicals’ Despicable Inhumanity on Display in Portland

By Steve Pomper  If you are on the political left and you still believe the political right unfairly characterizes Antifa and BLM demonstrator’s predilection for violence and mayhem, you may want to reorganize your views about these radicals after this story. If you don’t, replace the batteries in your humanity.  But first, let me preface with Read more »