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More Pandemic Consequences for Cops

By Steve Pomper  As in many cases where government treads and in all cases where it tramples, there arise unforseen consequences. For example, according to the Albuquerque Journal, the Albuquerque police department (APD) has run into issues with the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC). APD says the MDC refused to accept a man they’d arrested for felony Read more »

Deputy dad and autistic daughter make dynamic duo

By Stephen Owsinski April marks Autism Awareness Month, bringing about all-things autism, emphasizing the iconic blue solitary puzzle piece idled…symbolizing the desire to fit in to the planetary placement of people with respective uniqueness. I am more than intimately aware of autism: my daughter is intensely autistic with comorbidities, including self-injury and non-verbal nature. My Read more »

Some Officials are Enforcing Harsh Rules While Others Are Exercising Discretion

By Steve Pomper  What a difference a sheriff makes. I’ve been reporting on government officials who’ve been taking advantage of the CCP virus to implement a partisan political agenda, which is inflicting overly harsh, unnecessary, and contradictory restrictions on their constituents. And also on how enforcing these restrictions is setting law enforcement officers up for ugly, Read more »

What are Campus Cops Doing While Schools are Shut Down?

By Stephen Owsinski Campus cops are doing what they always do: plenty! Especially for the children of the schools to which they are assigned. While the nation’s labyrinth of school districts responsible for providing education are mandatorily shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, students are navigating the new norm of “distance learning.” That is, Read more »

U.S. Supreme Court Rules 8 – 1 for Law Enforcement

By Steve Pomper  Do provocative headlines such as in the Los Angeles Times, “The U.S. Supreme Court just made it easier for police to pull you over” benefit the cops or the public? Absolutely not. Is the headline true? Well, yes, but only if “you” are a driver with a revoked license. Headline doesn’t tell you Read more »