Cops Cater to Hospital Heroes

Cops Cater to Hospital Heroes

By Stephen Owsinski I am constantly reminded why I joined the law enforcement family. While our nation —our planet— endures the stark reality of the coronavirus pandemic, first responders toeing the line deserve nothing shy of honor. In times such as these, we see some front-line defenders praising others who are also in the life-saving Read more »

America to the Rescue: Cops and Communities Working Together During Coronavirus Pandemic

By Stephen Owsinski Whether in a metropolis or rural jurisdiction, cops are enduring the same ominous circumstances (only exponentially) posed by the coronavirus pandemic while still serving with distinction and meritorious mettle. The in-progress tsunami of stories revealing heroic deeds by cops are unfortunately accompanied by collateral damage typified by police paradox: Losing life while Read more »

Seattle Won’t Punish Chronic Street Criminals but Wants Police to Enforce “Hate Speech” Edict, During Pandemic

By Steve Pomper  Before we get into the anti-constitutional details of the current criminal justice environment in Seattle (although, they are certainly not the only city doing this), allow me to paint some background for this city’s dysfunctional view of crime and law enforcement. During the coronavirus pandemic, cities like Seattle and counties like King have Read more »