The “Prisoner Review Board” is Failing to Provide Safety for the Grandchildren of Illinois

No Safe Space for Cops

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Whether it was the break room at the battery factory, the hay truck parked under the shade of a tree beside the field, or the truck stop café with the diesel left running, there was always a place I could find to get a little thinking done or get Read more »

Mental Health Civil Commitment Laws Must Adapt for Public Safety

By Steve Pomper As a cop in Washington State, I had the authority place people with mental health issues into an involuntary commitment hold for a psychological evaluation. But only if the person was a danger to self or others. This standard was intended to correctly balance a person’s liberty with public safety. However, as I quickly Read more »

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Celebrating Long Serving Cops

By Stephen Owsinski Recently, the NYPD hosted a celebration of the nation’s largest municipal police agency’s long-serving cops, bestowing the department’s Longevity Award upon seasoned law enforcement officers. Embroidered onto police uniforms are stripes and/or stars representing the tenure of service invested by law enforcement officers. As seen in our cover photo above and the Read more »

The Game of Policing

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D I recently watched my Denver Nuggets make an amazing effort to win some trophy or something like that. I am only a sports fan to the extent that I like having conversations with my sports-fanatic son, and as a social prompt to say “How ‘bout them (insert team name). Read more »

Micromanaging Mayor Forces Out NYPD’s Top Cop

By Steve Pomper I’ve said this before. Now, I must repeat it. Oh, and I’ll probably say it again in the future. Liberal mayors/city councils across the U.S. don’t appoint chiefs of police; they appoint chiefs of mayor. This assertion is abundantly clear with the recent resignation of the first female NYPD police commissioner, Keechant Sewell, after less than a Read more »

Police Crisis-Response Dog Calms, Saves Suicidal Woman

By Stephen Owsinski The fascinating feats of police service animals never cease to amaze. The Marietta Police Department’s crisis-response K9 “Barney” filled the primary officer role by calming a severely distraught woman who threatened to take her life, ultimately saving her from self-destruction. The fine folks at Marietta PD provided the following synopsis of what Read more »