Nearly Three Dozen Judges Demand City Close Crime-Ridden Homeless Encampments Near Courthouse

Nearly Three Dozen Judges Demand City Close Crime-Ridden Homeless Encampments Near Courthouse

By Steve Pomper Sometimes it takes violent crime—murder often qualifies—to prompt action from a politicians. But, as we saw with Seattle Mayor Jenny “Summer of Love” Durkan, who presided over the infamous CHOP/CHAZ (true) insurrection (with real guns and everything), with some “leaders” even a murder or two isn’t enough to extract action from a government.  The Seattle Read more »

Underwater Policing—Diving In

By Stephen Owsinski Of the many deployments law enforcement agencies have as public services for citizens, special certifications and ongoing training results in highly skilled public safety professionals doing a certain job where gills would really help but human adaptations are nonetheless employed. Law enforcement marine units and dutiful dive teams, albeit rarely mentioned in Read more »

Red Flag Laws: Public Safety or Backdoor Gun Control

By Steve Pomper With the intensified efforts toward gun control, it’s a good time to revisit Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO), also called “red flag” laws. Protecting people from a person using a gun to commit violence is important. Some people should not have guns. However, shouldn’t we be suspicious of people who support gun control Read more »

Saving Grace of Cops and Canines

By Stephen Owsinski Although I recently wrote about the so-called “silent majority” standing in solidarity with American law enforcement despite the pesky haranguing of the anti-cop crowd, the reference is humans and where they stand on law and order in present-day society. But there is another demographic, a large one, which is a different breed Read more »

New Policies Require Failing First

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Although we still hear about the doctrine of the Use of Force Continuum (UOFC), it is a teaching tool and policy that has been abandoned by most law enforcement trainers and police departments. Unfortunately, the concepts are being raised again. The UOFC requires a stair step approach, meeting each Read more »

So Called Police Reform Bills Wreaking Havoc in States Across the U.S.

By Steve Pomper It’s difficult to remain optimistic when there is so much horrible news for American cops in so many blue jurisdictions. Fortunately, red cities, counties, and states remain havens for the multitude of thin-blue-line refugees (a different blue) fleeing their agencies. FOX News Channel’s Laura Ingraham recently showed what one red state sheriff’s office is Read more »

Praying it Forward

By Stephen Owsinski Praying it forward is an empirically applied endemic feature of America’s law enforcement institution and those who take up the nation’s battles. And there is no escaping the harsh fact that those battles often culminate in casualties, with annual statistics recently increasing in the number of gut-wrenching line-of-duty deaths of cops. Although Read more »

Schizophrenic Political Leadership

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Schizophrenia is a disorder that affects a person’s ability to think, feel, and behave clearly. It is a diagnosis assigned to an individual with the requisite symptoms and behavior. In a broader sense, the description can fit some leadership styles and group behavior. Can you imagine working under a Read more »

Woke Policing Doesn’t Work for Cops on The Streets

By Steve Pomper The federal and many state legislatures are busy “improving” policing by passing law enforcement “reforms” to address radical leftist’s myths. So, with laws passed, how is “woke” “working” for cops on the streets?  In my department, this crap has been going on for a long time thanks to a bogus federal consent decree. Read more »