Anti-Cop Critics Allege Police “Misconduct” Lawsuits Are Costing Taxpayers?

Anti-Cop Critics Allege Police “Misconduct” Lawsuits Are Costing Taxpayers?

By Steve Pomper   The left’s inability to engage in self-reflection is breathtaking as a recent headline in The Seattle Times demonstrated. “Police Misconduct is costing WA taxpayers millions. The trend shows no signs of slowing down.” Seattle is suffering a true, though self-inflicted, policing crisis, but the anti-police newspaper forges ahead with its anti-police, myth-making Read more »

Cayce Police Chief: ‘He Murdered Our Officer!’

By Stephen Owsinski With the rampancy of depraved minds preying on and killing cops, there have been stellar police executives handling matters and proving precisely why they are law enforcement leaders. Cayce, SC police Chief Chris Cowan is among the latest examples. You’ve heard of “the cop’s cop.” Chief Cowan is one of them. While Read more »

Bringing the Fight to Police HQ

By Stephen Owsinski Due to certain politicians coddling criminals, armed malcontents have expanded their brazen behavior by bringing gunfights to police precincts, engaging law enforcement officers in parking lots and lobbies where cops hub. On Sunday, FBI Director Christopher Wray punctuated the crazy trend of America’s cops being targeted by crazies: “Violence against law enforcement Read more »

Pushing the Pendulum of Change

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D American history is the story of episodes of change. One aspect of that history of change is what has happened in the criminal justice system. From having only sheriffs and marshals to highly organized police forces to major federalization of law enforcement, we have seen policing become more sophisticated Read more »

Fighting Rogue Prosecutors

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Most District Attorneys and Prosecutors are dedicated, overworked, and decent public servants. I would not want to paint the profession with the same broad brush that anti-law enforcement forces do with police officers. Inept or corrupt DAs are accountable at the ballot box, but for some, the election cycle Read more »