Public Safety Pros Give It Their All

Public Safety Pros Give It Their All

By Stephen Owsinski While divisive rhetoric from politicos and others continues across the country, public safety professionals, smack dab in the middle of all the needless nonsense, continue to show up and give it their all…on behalf of everyone, regardless. Recently, we witnessed not only elected officials but also those deemed “elitists” at the cauldrons, Read more »

First Responders Saving Lives

By Stephen Owsinski Every first responder —police officer, firefighter, paramedic— has encountered untold numbers of people in dire straits and desperately in need of an intervention. Although these interactions are relatively indelible, some of these saves stick infinitely, with nanoseconds to spare, lives preserved by first responders doing The Job: The proverbial lifeline. Connecticut State Read more »

Troopers Brimming with Bravery

By Stephen Owsinski Although there is a severe shortage of law enforcement officers, there is no deficiency in the requisite bravery of our troopers out there combatting crime amid perilous velocity of traffic…with the safety of everyone as the staple ingredient, despite the risk to their own lives. With several major holidays in the last Read more »

Police Honor Military Veterans Who Fought the Good Fight

By Stephen Owsinski Law enforcement agency social media channels were quite busy for Veteran’s Day 2023, depicting America’s cops embracing military service members who survived combat and all manner of wartime grit and vulnerabilities. On November 11, 2023, many police posts illustrated U.S. Armed Forces personnel who completed a military tour of duty, were honorably Read more »

Border Woes and the Busy Patrols

By Stephen Owsinski Stories abound about human smugglers scoring huge profits from meager means migrants forking over their last cent to get to America by illegally breaching our southern border. But there are no beds of roses in the unforgiving arid desert. There are pretentious promises made by greedy money grubbers whose dreamy deliverables are Read more »

Crimefighters Combatting Cancer

By Stephen Owsinski As we navigate the calendar month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns draw attention to the bravery exhibited by women who found themselves in that battle, surviving to talk about their personal experiences. Some of the cancer survivors are crimefighting law enforcement officers… One example comes to us from the Hillsborough County Read more »

First Responders to the Rescue!

By Stephen Owsinski Hurricane Idalia moved swiftly along the Gulf Coast of Florida before creeping inland at the Sunshine State’s “armpit” (otherwise known as the Big Bend, where the coast curves) before flattening the city of Perry and others in the region. Even before that instance, first responders whose jurisdictions were spared already had a Read more »

Border Patrol Deploys to Maui

By Stephen Owsinski As the natural disaster on the island of Maui, Hawaii, sees the death toll uptick, U.S. Border Patrol agents put boots on the ground to search for many missing individuals while also catering humanitarian aid to survivors hard-pressed for basic sustenance. As the Maui wildfires news broke and hit the airwaves, the Read more »

Children of the Fallen

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Little Riley Cottongim faced his first day of kindergarten without his father, Zachary Cottongim. An officer with the Louisville, KY police department, Cottongim was investigating an abandoned vehicle on Interstate 64 in December of 2021 when he was struck and killed by a vehicle whose driver had lost control Read more »