Crime, Bail, Defund, and Disarm

Crime, Bail, Defund, and Disarm

By Steve Pomper Antifa: “only an idea,” gathered in St. Paul, MN. Nov. 2020 The continuing rising crime in radical leftist jurisdictions across the U.S. is no accident. I thought about that recently when I heard Levi Strauss heir, U.S. House Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), also an Adam Schiff flunky, attack one of the few genuine reporter Read more »

Bills Backing the Blue Course Through Congress

By Stephen Owsinski As we wrap up another National Police Week paying homage to fallen law enforcement officers and embracing their loved ones, police-supporting legislative bills are being authored by various representatives in the U.S. Congress. Each Congressional bill authored by various lawmakers is duly catalyzed by elected officials with keen eyes and motivated minds Read more »

Never Off Duty

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D People may ask “Do you always carry a gun?” For many, if not most officers, the answer is yes. An off-duty New Hanover County, North Carolina Deputy was shopping at Food Lion. Kenneth Alan Stout, age 63, was being sought by the U.S. Marshals Service as a dangerous fugitive Read more »

Injuries Reported as Non-Life Threatening can be Life Altering

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D I’m always skeptical of the description of a law enforcement officer’s injury in a duty-related incident as “non-life threatening”. In addition to the lingering physical and mental injuries that may result, these injuries are often life-shortening. There are also those injuries that are reported immediately after a crash, shooting, Read more »

ShotSpotter Technology Aiding Police Despite Critics

By Stephen Owsinski Jurisdictions notorious for gun violence may have ShotSpotter technology implemented to aid law enforcement responses, chronicle firearm discharges, and generate crime data to bolster deployment of dwindled police resources, but some communities are still lukewarm on the use of the alert systems, citing privacy concerns. Speaking of lukewarm, a new study conducted Read more »

Street Takeovers and Law Enforcement Strategies

By Stephen Owsinski Vehicular traffic comes with inherent dangers for anyone on the nation’s highways and byways. Accidents do happen. Yet some drivers are so self-centered and enamored by the sounds of revved engines and screeching tires that anyone near them, voluntary or not, is a potential casualty. Have you noticed flagrant disregard and careless Read more »

Cop Acquitted of Charges in Old Job Now Battles to Keep His New Job

By Steve Pomper Taser X 26 Update 5-26-23: In the original article I wrote Officer Timberlake “lost his job” at FCPD. The article’s source clarified that Officer Timberlake “left on his own accord,” in good standing, “eligible for rehire… and promotion,” and “retired” from the FCPD. Timberlake is supportive of the new FCPD Chief, Kevin Davis, Read more »

Paso Robles, CA PD Community Volunteer Patrol Program Awarded National Police Association Grant

  (Indianapolis, IN) – The National Police Association announced today it has awarded the Paso Robles PD Community Volunteer Patrol Program a $1000.00 grant. Volunteers perform many important functions. Their participation allows Paso Robles police officers and other criminal justice employees to spend more time conducting proactive law enforcement activities. Volunteers function first and foremost Read more »

Sleep Deprivation – A Public Safety Threat

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Picture this. A young police officer works a combination of night shifts rotating between straight midnights and a “power shift” from 7P-3A. He is scheduled for days off to coincide with his Army National Guard drills one weekend of every month. He was working on his master’s degree, taking Read more »