State Police K9 Igor Miraculously Survives Patrol Cruiser Slammed by Semi-Tractor-Trailer

Laser-Focused Cops Stop Speeders

By Stephen Owsinski It is an everyday occurrence that some motorists are seemingly oblivious to Speed Limit signs. Whether it be due to distracted driving, tardiness, or whatever other unjustified reason…speed kills! That is why law enforcement officers train in using speed detection devices (“radar guns”) that have a pinpoint laser-focused dot in the reticle, Read more »

Signs of Support for First Responders

By Stephen Owsinski Signs of police support are across the sides of buildings, on roadside billboards, and just about anywhere a huge banner can fit…and it is inspiring. Our cover photo depicts a newly erected billboard attesting to the embrace of Seattle, Washington first responders. A spokesperson for the Seattle Police Foundation posted this about Read more »

Birds-Eye View of Bad Actors on the Run from Cops

By Stephen Owsinski There are several ways for law enforcement officers to catch bad actors. But when they are on the run, in motor vehicles, recklessly coursing through streets and parking lots, it is optimal for the police agency’s Aviation Unit cops to hover overhead and maintain a birds-eye view, calling out plays like a Read more »

Safeguarding the Public in Unsafe Conditions

By Stephen Owsinski With inclement weather heavily in the headlines lately, the nation’s public safety professionals are out there doing their darndest to safeguard motorists navigating nature’s treacherous droppings such as snow, ice, and rain…creating unsafe conditions on highways and byways. Some police cruisers aiding crash victims and stranded drivers find themselves in harm’s way, Read more »

Police-Supporting Journalists of Good Rapport

By Stephen Owsinski With all the ongoing legacy media being rightly criticized for biased journalism, for openly barking falsities about those who serve in the law enforcement community, it is befitting to highlight those reporters who pillar police work and the heroes who carry it out against all odds. On January 5, 2024, the New Read more »