Blue Laws

Blue Laws

By Steve Pomper A little change of pace, today to discuss something I’ve always found strange but interesting. I’ve also wondered what it was like for the cops who had to enforce these blue laws. These, often whacky, laws convey to modern Americans both the transient and lingering nature of religious, cultural, and politically partisan laws. Read more »

Stop & Frisk Keeps Cops and Communities Safe

By Steve Pomper The problem with a phrase like “stop and frisk” is it doesn’t infer preconditions. Such as an officer must have reasonable suspicion (based on objective and subjective criteria) to believe the likelihood of criminal activity exists before police can even stop a person, never mind frisk them. And though reasonable suspicion doesn’t rise Read more »

Chicago Mayor Blames Cops for this Year’s Deadliest Weekend

By Steve Pomper   Why doesn’t this surprise me? People lament the violence in cities that have been under one-party political rule for decades. But voters keep electing people who not only fail to make things better but also make things worse. Take Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for example. Voters elected another cookie-cutter, anti-law and order Read more »

Update: Oklahoma Police LT. Charged by DA with Murder for Stopping an Active Shooter Facing Preliminary Hearing 02-18-2020

By Steve Pomper   Since last year, the National Police Association (NPA) and other local and national media have covered the inexplicable case of an Oklahoma DA who insists on prosecuting veteran Blackwell Police Department Lieutenant John Mitchell—for doing his job. The DA is prosecuting the police supervisor despite his having placed his life in danger Read more »