Tampa police aviation unit honors fallen heroes in unique, uplifting way

LAPD Officer Sued For, What Else, Doing Her Job

By Steve Pomper  When watching an officer involved shooting (OIS) video, many people wince and race to say the officer’s actions were wrong or what they would have done “better.” Those trained to do the job, cops, say, “that’s exactly what I would have done.” Now, an LAPD officer is being sued for doing the right Read more »

National Police Association Files Amicus Brief Supporting Law Enforcement in Portland, Oregon Against Threat to Police Safety

“Peaceful Protests” in Portland, OR The National Police Association (NPA) has filed a friend of the court brief asking the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon to rule against the self-described journalists, legal observers and photographers, who have brought suit against local and federal law enforcement. The suit, filed by the American Civil Read more »