ANTIFA is Terrorizing Our Nation

ANTIFA is Terrorizing Our Nation

By Sgt. Nancy M. Dowdy (ret.)    About twenty years ago, as a young and impressionable police officer who “just wanted to make a difference,” I was hit in the head with a relatively full can of beer.  I was part of a squad responding to a problem bar that was regularly holding “raves.”  These consisted Read more »

AG Barr Names Presidential Law Enforcement Panel

By Steve Pomper    According to the AP, Attorney General Bill Barr recently appointed 18 law enforcement officials to serve on a presidential commission on law enforcement. Now, officials have formed such commissions occasionally at various levels of government, but the feds haven’t done so since 1965. Back then its mission was primarily to reduce crime, Read more »

Frustrated, ICE Subpoenas Denver Officials

By Steve Pomper    The AP, via, is reporting on something that was absurd only a short time ago but is becoming more common these days. Seems ICE has had to resort to sending subpoenas to Denver officials to get information on four male illegal aliens whom ICE states qualify for deportation. ICE says Denver Read more »

Sleepless Nights

By Sgt. Nancy M. Dowdy (ret.)   Well, the holidays have finally passed and it’s a new year.  Like many of you, I spent the last few days of the year relishing in the beauty that can be seen during the holidays.  Those much anticipated presents have been opened and played with for hours, out of Read more »

Born to be a Cop?

By Stephen Owsinski No ambiguity in that title. All organic. Straight-up prospect highlighting that some humans are born to be a cop. Now, there may not be any definitive DNA markers indicating any human’s predisposition to law enforcement, but soon after entry into the world, the building blocks are at our disposal. Some people capitalize Read more »

The National Police Association Supports Injured Baton Rouge Police Officer Against Black Lives Matter Organizer in U.S. Supreme Court

The National Police Association (NPA) has filed a friend of the court brief asking the U.S.Supreme Court not to accept review of an appeal by Black Lives Matter organizer DeRay McKesson. The brief supports Officer John Doe, who seeks to recover for serious injuries caused by a rock thrown by a participant in the Black Read more »