New Laws Usher in More Anti-Law and Order Lunacy

New Laws Usher in More Anti-Law and Order Lunacy

By Stephen Owsinski With 2020 upon us, law enforcement is bracing for the increased anarchistic behaviors we have been witnessing over the last decade or so. Elected liberal officials are ushering in the New Year with new laws which essentially telegraph a free-for-all philosophy: bail reform; criminals being given victims’ personal information; gun confiscation. In Read more »

Stop Making Cops the Bad Guys

By Steve Pomper   Never underestimate the capacity of anti-law and order politicians to make good cops look like bad guys. City and county anti-police lawmakers are forever pontificating about improving police-community relations. But police officers are the last things on politicians’ minds when enacting policies and laws. A recent speed limit change in Seattle highlights Read more »

Cops and Christmas Spirit

By Stephen Owsinski Cops wear many hats. We can all agree on that. They bring to the job an array of skills and apply them to whatever the call entails, spontaneously meeting needs of victims and witnesses, many of whom are subjected to inexplicable situations. Despite the Grinch-like anti-police mouthpieces, cops will always respond, no Read more »

Counting Seconds

By Sgt. Nancy M. Dowdy   DeMarino, Sullivan, Seals, Carr, Brewster, Clardy, Voth, Hawkins, Jacobs, Latu.  Say their names and pray for their loved ones. As I write this, ten dedicated community servants have lost their lives in just the first half of the month of December.  In a month that should be filled with giving, Read more »

Blatant Bias Against Police from the Bench?

By Stephen Owsinski It was a deadly week for law enforcement officers. The mantras Enough is enough! and This must stop! had plenty of exposure on social media. Then came the blatant bias against police officers when a Texas “hearing officer” named Colin B. Amann ruled that a measly $150,000 bond was sufficient enough for Read more »

The Most Dangerous Time of the Year

By Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (ret.)   It’s supposed to be the happiest time of the year.  Family gatherings, football playoffs, holiday parties, kids out of school, beautiful snowy weather, and much more.  But for law enforcement officers this time of year can be incredibly dangerous, a little depressing and sometimes deadly.  To cops the holiday Read more »

Justice for Blackwell PD Lt. John Mitchell

By Steve Pomper  A police officer got up like always, ready to do his duty during hours when most people are asleep. He put on his uniform, donned his ballistic vest, fastened his gun belt, and pinned on his badge. He said goodbye to his family and headed out the door, once again choosing to put Read more »