The National Police Association Argues Against Unconstitutional Illinois Gun Control Laws in the United States Supreme Court

The National Police Association Argues Against Unconstitutional Illinois Gun Control Laws in the United States Supreme Court

Guest article by Sam Jacobs. Sam Jacobs is a passionate advocate for Second Amendment rights and an avid historian. As lead writer for, he delves into the intersection of firearms, freedom, and corporate power. With a penchant for defending individual liberties, his work sparks discussions in various publications and platforms. Amidst the formidable challenges Read more »

Establishing Who is in Charge Quickly and Professionally

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D A bank robber in Missouri decided to hit small-town banks rather than bigger ones with heftier security systems and plenty of law enforcement. One town that he chose was Chilhowee, population 300, situated 20 miles from the county sheriff’s office. The town shared its one police officer with another Read more »

The Crisis in Response Times

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D We are hearing more about response time amid the concern of police staffing shortages. The expectation of citizens that a call to 911 will immediately send a fleet of police cars screaming to your scene is more of a product of television shows and movies where the cops always Read more »

The National Police Association Supports New Jersey Bill to Clarify Aggravated Assault Against Law Enforcement Officers

Indianapolis – May 24, 2024. Intentionally subjecting a law enforcement officer to bodily fluid is a serious form of assault that places them at increased risk for health issues. Bodily fluids contain pathogens that carry diseases like mononucleosis (from the Epstein-Barr virus), influenza, and strep, among others. Although media reports of these egregious acts surfaced Read more »

Cops Laud Youngsters for ‘Do The Right Thing’ Success

By Stephen Owsinski One of my favorite initiatives involving law enforcement agencies mentoring and awarding the success of youngsters is the “Do The Right Thing” program. Many law enforcement entities have a hand in this positively constructive project. No matter where in the nation, the primary mission is synonymous… Per the pages of the Miami, Read more »

When the Border Became a Crisis

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D It might be interesting to note that the first use of the phrase “border crisis” that I can find was in 2014 during the Obama administration. What’s even more interesting is that law enforcement, especially the border states as well as federal agencies were making big noises about criminal Read more »

New Mexico’s A.G. Wants to Put Cop Who Defended Himself and His Partner from Armed Suspect in Prison

By Steve Pomper  * The fundraising site for Officer Brad Lunsford’s legal expenses is here I always like to preface my articles about accusations of lawbreaking by cops. First, I research the incident giving the officer the benefit of the doubt. Then, I wait for that potential “Oh, I can’t help you there” moment, where something Read more »