Many Questions Remain About the Uvalde Shooting. How About We Wait for Answers

Zero Defects: The Quest for Perfection

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Can a police officer get through a shift without making a mistake? If so, can they sustain that perfection for a career? How about a physician, a factory worker, a teacher, or an engineer? We accept mistakes as part of life. That’s why we have so many safeguards in Read more »

Send an Email to Keep a Cop Killer from being released

This is a request for help to keep the convicted murderer of Chicago PD Officer Brian Strouse in prison for his full sentence. Inmate and gang member, Hector Delgado has applied for clemency. He was out on probation when he murdered Chicago (CPD) police officer Brian Strouse. Officer Strouse, was gunned down in 2001 while Read more »

Seattle Still Doesn’t Get It About Hiring and Retaining Cops

By Steve Pomper    Once again, Seattle serves as well as any leftist-run city in America as an example of how many city governments are just not getting the message from Americans about what they want from their police departments. People want cops to protect and serve—and to enforce the laws—equally. Bruce Harrell, Seattle’s new mayor, Read more »

Ride-Alongs Not Just Along for the Ride

By Stephen Owsinski Those interested in law enforcement sometimes take advantage of ride-along programs offered by police agencies, but the reasons for doing so vary. Generally, on paper, the self-explanatory term for ride-along is “civilian observer,” and the applications to partner with a cop in a police cruiser entail the words “Hold-Harmless” in capitalized block Read more »

Uniforms: Function or Theater?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The Montgomery County, Maryland police recently announced that they are exploring a “lighter” uniform look that is less intimidating. A notable experiment in Lakewood, Colorado put their officers in sportscoats rather than the traditional uniforms. They returned to the uniforms when they discovered that the public wanted their police Read more »

Public Safety Working Together

By Stephen Owsinski With the nationwide manhunt for the Alabama jail escapee and corrections officer garnering tons of media attention, the ill-fated finale evolved in Monday morning quarterbacks questioning how law enforcement and fire personnel handled the scene. Despite reams of media portrayals derived from body-worn cameras delivering hardcore reality and imperfect humans mitigating an Read more »