Digital Detectives Exposing Abusers

Digital Detectives Exposing Abusers

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The headlines are all too common. Oklahoma, March 2023 “Extremely disturbing’: 5 men charged in child predator sting using decoys posing as 14 and 15 year olds”, Las Vegas, June 2023 “14 suspects arrested in undercover child sex predator sting”, San Francisco, June 2023 “ Seven men were arrested Read more »

“Progressive” Parole is Enabling Violent Sexual Assault Recidivism

By Doug Wyllie Late last week, police in Nevada ended a weeks-long search for a man who had fled after he reportedly raped a 16-year-old girl. Court documents indicate that the rape allegedly occurred—in a place called Bountiful, Utah—”while the victim was asleep and was forceful.” Almost immediately after committing the sexual attack, 36-year-old Christopher Read more »

‘My Squad is My Family’: Ambushed Phoenix Cop Returns to Police Duty

By Stephen Owsinski Phoenix police Officer Morgan Bullis is definitely bullish on police work, so much so that she pushed through tons of physical therapy and rehabilitative efforts to return to patrolling, after being shot on March 24, 2023. In what Phoenix Police administrators called an “unprovoked attack,” a recently paroled violent felon, armed with Read more »

Do You Know Who I Am?

By Steve Pomper Traffic stop, Las Vegas, Nevada “Do you know who I am?” Do you know how often police officers hear this challenge? People may say it in different ways, but it’s not necessarily the specific words but the nastiness behind them—I’m better than you. Its twin purpose is to demean someone (officer) and elevate Read more »

Behind the Badges: Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers

By Stephen Owsinski The ubiquity of dangers we face while driving on America’s highways and byways is being mitigated by law enforcement officers specializing in commercial vehicle enforcement, stopping and inspecting huge rigs carrying major loads of products, some of which are marked “Hazardous,” offering clues to potential disasters if safety features are unheeded. Although Read more »

No Gun Doesn’t Equal No Threat

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D With our gunfight-soaked entertainment media and scary assault rifle propaganda, the average citizen thinks “weapon” equals “firearm”. And among many misinformed critics even when a police officer is confronted with a firearm the officer is expected to “de-escalate”. There are some facts relevant to that perception that officers know Read more »