NYPD Union Deploys Mobile Billboard Decrying Anti-Cop, Soft-on-Crime Manhattan DA

NYPD Union Deploys Mobile Billboard Decrying Anti-Cop, Soft-on-Crime Manhattan DA

By Stephen Owsinski

I’ve seen many police union figureheads getting the need-to-know messages out by taking to the podium weighted by media mics…but the New York City Police Benevolent Association (PBA) executives have rolled out an even better way to ensure many more citizens are aware of the conduct of the Manhattan district attorney and his seemingly twisted role in Gotham’s criminal justice system.

In a nutshell, Bragg indicted an NYPD cop who was defending himself against a serial shoplifter who reportedly yanked away from an NYPD cop escorting off the property (not for the first time, either). That incident was two years ago.

President Hendry also directed attention at the many city merchants who try to conduct business under threat by shoplifters whose kleptomaniac tendencies brazenly illustrate they can take whatever they want, unfazed due to punitive measures amounting to nothing more than a finger wag, if that. Whether NYC residents, tourists, visiting businesspeople, or students from afar, consumers pay the price.

That’s always been the necessary evil regarding shoplifters, a way for retailers to make up for losses; that is assuming there is any product left to steal. Merchants relying on law enforcement officers to save the day (and their product line) and/or try to defend themselves against malicious crooks have a DA whose oath goes empty. He talks about “accountability” but seems selective about who is held.

(Photo courtesy of the NYC Police Benevolent Association.)

“DA Bragg is not on your side. He’s on the side of the repeat offenders and you need to close your doors, you cannot try to remove someone from your store, you cannot try to remove a shoplifter from your store, a disorderly from your store because you will be arrested. And when you call 911 for that police officer to protect you, that police officer will be arrested and will be indicted,” wrote freshman PBA President Patrick Hendry in a press release.

(Photo courtesy of the NYC Police Benevolent Association.)

With this latest swipe at the men and women in blue, combatting crime under increasingly deteriorated conditions amid abundant anarchistic behaviors, the NYC PBA has been filling its fuel tank and taking to the streets, deploying its roving LED billboard vehicle, so that all New Yorkers and visitors can be more illuminated in travesties against public safety initiatives and those who are responsible for its fruition:

“A message for Midtown business owners: if you try to stop a repeat offender from terrorizing your customers and staff, you’ll be arrested. If you call the police to help, the cop will be arrested. DA Alvin Bragg is on the side of the criminals, not us.”

(Photo courtesy of the NYC Police Benevolent Association.)

The NYPD police union represents “approximately 24,000 sworn NYPD members who hold the rank of Police Officer and wear a silver shield” […] “the front-line police officers in radio cars and on foot posts in your neighborhood, as well as those in specialized units and administrative divisions throughout the city.”

Despite the by-the-minute hubbub generated over Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg —a Soros minion— targeting former President Donald Trump, the battle-drum beats persist from his office, taking aim at NYPD cops for doing what they are paid to do: Protect citizens and property in the metropolis.

On July 20, 2023, the New York Post Editorial Board pieced together an article underscoring DA Bragg (ironic last name, can only imagine the braggadocio he sells as triumphs, truth be damned) once again going soft on ugly criminal behavior while castigating police work, nary considering the enduring perils cops confront to provide salvation to taxpayers trying to stay alive in an increasingly violent environment (thanks to lopsided “reforms” and “reimagining” focused on mitigators instead of thugs causing mayhem).

NYC PBA President Patrick Hendry called the ongoing onslaught of malicious prosecutions against police officers a “travesty of justice,” referring to the growing number of NYPD cops targeted for fulfilling their prescribed duties.

The “travesty of justice” police union President Hendry continually protests pertains to yet another “cop indicted for a confrontation with a man who repeatedly caused mayhem inside an Upper West Side store. DA Alvin Bragg’s message is clear: repeat offenders have more rights than you.”

Sounds like a carbon copy of what is happening to cops/citizens in other heavily populated cities whose political rulers cheapen the climate by favoring outlandish lifestyles such as aiding and abetting drug addictions, and not saving lives. By changing laws that encourage shoplifters and prohibit merchants from saving themselves from thievery, property destruction, and financial ruin. By inexplicably heaping defecation on public streets, health codes are defeated by dung.

Who is stymied by retailers —many of which are corporate-owned chains employing tons of citizens whose livelihoods are obliterated by environmental catastrophes made worse by city councils and county commissions— shuttering their doors and moving to locales far from where these spoils fester? Those now-unemployed workers must decide to follow the company afar or make do with what they have…right where they are. Not a rosy picture. Not much prospect in staying where weeds are growing wildly.

The unambiguous opening paragraphs published in the New York Post article pointedly call attention to the Big Apple’s “topsy turvy” system of justice:

“What a topsy-turvy world Gotham has become.

“Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is now prosecuting a cop who tried to stop a serial shoplifter — while Mayor Eric Adams’ team has agreed to pay Black Lives Matter protesters $13 million for fighting police.

“It’s just the latest turn in a series of madcap moves where officials rush to defend — and even reward — lawbreakers, while punishing victims and those who seek to protect the public.

“Can any New Yorker feel safe in a world like that?” Great question! Rather rhetorical, too.

In the anti-cop mix are NYC Council members hell-bent on defunding the NYPD which, even a third-grader can attest, will promulgate crime even more. The NYC PBA billboard truck put those death-wishing politicos on blast as well. Some New Yorkers have voted for these antithetical elected sorts. With the inherent fallout from dumbfounded defund ideologies, who is tucking tail and looking at the horizon line?

Reports have begun to circulate, each conveying how long-time residents who called NYC home, have been eyeing better pastures. Although it is not “snowbird season” in Florida, New York license plates on cars are plentiful nowadays.

(Photo courtesy of the NYC Police Benevolent Association.)

Despite all this guff and misery parlayed by current politicos and their bewildering agendas damning the world’s most-renowned metropolis, Gotham’s beleaguered police force deploys a diminished cadre that nonetheless rolls out public safety efforts, their vow brilliantly displayed on a roving billboard ensuring citizens that cops are fighting the good fight on their behalf, even if the system seems anti-police and pro-criminal.

That’s the word on the street…compliments of the New York City police union.