Missing Persons with Memory Loss and the Cops Who Get Them Home

Missing Persons with Memory Loss and the Cops Who Get Them Home

By Stephen Owsinski Lately, I’ve been hearing first-hand accounts from friends and family mentioning instances of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s…and how the police handle reports of missing person cases in the demographics. On March 21, 2024, officers with the Hemet Police Department encountered such a call, involving an elderly individual with dementia who wandered Read more »

What Was a San Francisco Judge Thinking Deciding Attempted Murderer’s Sentence?

By Steve Pomper  San Francisco, California (Photo: Frank Schulenburg, Wiki Creative Commons) In today’s politically corrupt version of the United States criminal justice system, the government can fabricate a make-believe offense, declare an American “guilty,” fine him nearly half a billion dollars, and then prevent him from appealing unless he essentially pays the entire fine upfront Read more »

“We Told You So,” Isn’t Always Satisfying, but It’s Necessary, Again and Again

By Steve Pomper  After reading the NPA’s own Chief Joel Shults’ recent outstanding article expounding on his so frequently having to assert, “I told you so,” to the radical leftists’ anti-police “police reform” failing legislation, I almost changed my topic. But my main point is that these activists need to hear, “I told you so”—repeatedly. Chief Shults wrote, Read more »

Killer Compassion

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D When New Mexico State Policeman Officer Justin Hare stopped to assist a motorist he was doing what public servants do, helping people when they can. After seeing the vehicle had a flat tire, Hare offered to give the motorist a ride. He was murdered for his efforts. Another New Read more »

You Can Run but You Can’t Hide

By Stephen Owsinski The euphemism You can run but you can’t hide! came to life, once again, when a youngster operating a “crotch rocket” motorcycle bearing a counterfeit license plate “WILL RUN” illustrated reckless behavior and lived up to his brazen advertisement by…running from the police. Little did he know the sheriff’s office eye-in-the-sky aviators Read more »