Are Some Cops’ Friends and Family Increasingly Anti-Police?

Are Some Cops’ Friends and Family Increasingly Anti-Police?

By Steve Pomper  It’s not just large corporations leaping onto the corporate bandwagon of support for violent, anti-police political pirates who plunder, destroy, assault, and kill—including killing police officers. These corporate folks hop onboard because of an age-old tradition of appeasing radicals: you hope they’ll destroy you last. But this militant propaganda-come-to-fruition is broader and has Read more »

Anarchist After-Action Report on Sacking of Minneapolis Police Precinct

By Steve Pomper  If you’ve ever wondered about whether it’s true or a “conspiracy theory” that there is sophisticated support, including financing, training, and logistics behind this violent, Marxist, fascist, and anarchist conflagration of insurrectionists, don’t. They’re doing just fine. Over the years I’ve heard intel reports about radical training camps and seminars held to prepare Read more »

‘BlueLeaks’ Hackers Do Data Dump, Expose U.S. Cops’ Personal Info

By Stephen Owsinski It has been a tumultuous few years for American law enforcement officers, especially lately, with anti-cop sentiments growing fangs and sniping from putrid platforms unambiguously telegraphing desires to defund, disband and outright abolish police. As antagonists call to erase the American law enforcement institution while beating their battle drums, behind-the-scenes phantoms with Read more »

President Trump’s Executive Order, Atlanta PD Out Sick, and the Crime Seattle is Perpetrating Against the American People

By Steve Pomper  President Trump’s Executive Order on law enforcement has been received by police officers mostly with a yawn. Why? Because on law enforcement matters, cops trust the President. Take for example, banning “choke holds” or neck restraints unless the officer’s life is at risk is not really a big deal. Why? Because most police Read more »

Hypocrite District Attorney, Heaps Praise on Cops While He Prosecutes One for Stopping an Active Shooter. How Does That Work?

Oklahoma DA Jason Hicks By Steve Pomper  Today, I’m coming to you from the twilight zone (insert music here). I’m forced to watch daily the debacle happening in my former Seattle Police Department, and the conquered/surrendered East Precinct (now located in the paradise of Chaz or Chop or Durkanistan), where I was assigned for more than Read more »