Are Some Cops’ Friends and Family Increasingly Anti-Police?

Are Some Cops’ Friends and Family Increasingly Anti-Police?

By Steve Pomper 

It’s not just large corporations leaping onto the corporate bandwagon of support for violent, anti-police political pirates who plunder, destroy, assault, and kill—including killing police officers. These corporate folks hop onboard because of an age-old tradition of appeasing radicals: you hope they’ll destroy you last. But this militant propaganda-come-to-fruition is broader and has also poisoned many average Americans.

I’ve never heard so many people I know “unfriending” or “blocking” acquaintances, friends, and even close family on social media. This is happening because of the political venom being spewed by people we like and love. We all should ask ourselves some hard questions. For example, if someone you like or love expresses a political view that you don’t agree with, are you more likely to dismiss or condemn the idea or the person?

I ask this because of all the social media carnage I’m hearing about, lying by the side of the Internet Superhighway. A cop friend of mine said he’s never before had to “unfriend” so many people, including friends and family. A close family member of mine has dropped his social media accounts all together. He was crushed by the weight of the ignorant intolerance poured on him by supposed friends and family.

Even I “snoozed” a couple of people I didn’t want to wind up not liking. I remember a statement I heard years ago. A character on TV said something to the effect, “I’ve never known someone who not only felt he was so sure he was right—about everything but also that he was so sure you were wrong—about everything.”

I’m amazed at how many people, knowing that certain people will see a post—and be offended or hurt, spit their venom, anyway. For example, I’m a retired police officer, and we all know what cops have become to many people now clinging to that hate-cops bandwagon. These folks I like on social media know that I will see their hate. Regardless, they will post anti-police nonsense, police brutality lies, and defund the police quackery. This is not normal behavior, folks. It’s just not.

One of my nieces told me another niece has been deriding her cousins for defending the police on social media. She knows what I did for a living. She’s just looking for some meaning in her life by adopting a currently popular, though extreme and reckless, political view.

When confronted, people who do this invariably say something like, “Well, we don’t mean you. You’re different.”

No, I am not different from other cops. When you accept and then repeat all the lies and mythologies about police brutality, you’re inferring those things about me. When you see a cop on a riot line with petulant infants battering him or her with invectives, or worse, rocks, bottles of piss, and Molotov cocktails, that’s me (working in Seattle. I’ve sure been on the receiving end of that crap enough times).

Are these intolerant leftists intelligent? Yes, many of them are, but the problem is not that they don’t have intelligence; the problem is they don’t have wisdom. Do they have the ability to research and learn what the real numbers are regarding police killing black men and that police use-of-force against black men is rare? If they stopped to think about it, would they realize what abolishing the police would do to society? Of course. That’s why they don’t dare stop and think—they just feel and do. To the point, Seattle’s CHOP (Durkanistan has had yet another shooting with one dead and another critical).

The impetus for some folks is to “do something,” especially something that virtue signals political wokeness. Who cares what is right? It only matters what feels right. Does it matter that otherwise normal people are walking under the banners of avowed “trained Marxists” and anarchists who want to tear down American traditions? Apparently, not. Many of these radical leaders hold up as a heroin, Joanne Chesimard—an escaped cop-killer wanted by the FBI, now living in Cuba under the name Assata Shakur.

So, do these average Americans, cops’ friends and family, know who they are supporting? Has the biased education system been this successful with its anti-American, pro-socialist, anti-police political indoctrination?

Recently, I heard an articulate young woman from Venezuela, Elizabeth Rogliani, talking to Americans about her experience living in a once prosperous country that collapsed under what became a socialist dictatorship. Will you ever hear or see her on mainstream media? Never. The news is no longer reported objectively. Instead, “the news” is selectively bred in an editor’s laboratory, and partisan journalists then meticulously harvest “the news” to feed a chosen narrative.

According to PJ Media, Rogliani listed the initial steps Hugo Chavez and his socialists took in transforming the nation’s political system:

  1. Statues came down because socialist dictator Hugo Chavez wanted the history erased.
  2. He changed street names for the same reason.
  3. He changed the educational curriculum to erase history and substitute his version.
  4. Some movies were banned, presumably for the same reason.

To all of you cops’ friends and family disparaging police officers and calling for defunding or abolishing of law enforcement: does anything on this list look familiar? It’s only a small part of what your newfound thought leaders want for America.

How strange it must be to live life looking outward rather than inward for what one thinks about a political issue. Happily, I don’t know what that’s like because I think for myself. There are times I watch, read, or listen to a politician or pundit I often agree with and think, Oh, sorry, dude… I can’t help you, there.

So, I’ll ask you neophyte cop-haters a question: Would you ever dare to publicly disagree with the new anti-American, anti-police, politically partisan monolith you’re effectively supporting? See how they feel about you thinking for yourself.

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