Police Work is Like A Box of Chocolates….

Police Work is Like A Box of Chocolates….

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D You never know what you’re going to get. One of the things cops like about the job is the variety. It may seem that the days are filled with traffic stops, theft reports, and resolving disputes, but an ordinary call can become unique in a split second. Then there Read more »

New Illinois Law Makes It Easier for Foreign Operatives to Become Cops

By Steve Pomper Some time ago, I wrote about the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) establishing police departments abroad, including in the United States. The communists apparently use these agencies to intimidate and gain leverage against Chinese dissidents in America, sometimes threatening their relatives back in China. Who knows what other nefarious activities they have planned? Now, Read more »

Shoplifting Sprees Persist in Criminal-Coddling Jurisdictions

By Stephen Owsinski The mounting social media posts illustrating brazen shoplifting sprees in mostly bail reform jurisdictions continue to bloat the airwaves, underscoring how corrosive a particular political party is regarding its so-called people’s representatives gifting evildoers. These elected officials have outrageously paved the way for sticky-fingered criminals to take what they want, while law-abiding Read more »

Less Lethal Options Can Save Lives

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Amid the cries for de-escalation and the protests of police shootings, technology has stepped in to give police officers options other than their handguns when confronting a resistive subject. The term “less lethal” survived as the term of choice even though it is a bit of an oxymoron. Lethality Read more »

Fidelity of First Responders

By Stephen Owsinski It is always gratifying to witness the selfless nature of our nation’s first responders performing myriad duties with fidelity, some not even in the playbook but unfolding organically, epitomizing why we refer to them as their respective jurisdiction’s Finest. Here are a few of many… In a grassroots kind of way, Deputies Read more »

Putting the Criminal-Friendly Genie Back in the Bottle

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D For ease of debate, opinions are cast in two categories whether left or right, progressives or conservatives, donkey or elephant.  Without playing those cards, the real cultural enemy is across these divides: the permissives – the philosophy to just let things go and excuse destructive behavior. Whether it is Read more »

Over 700 Undercover Cops Sue Los Angeles for ‘Accidentally’ Releasing Their Police Profiles to Anti-Cop Site

By Stephen Owsinski Back in March 2023, news broke that more than 9,300 Los Angeles police officers’ detailed identities and respective photo images were “accidentally” released by the city, winding up in possession of an anti-cop site operating with the moniker KillerCop.com, the operator of which put bounties out on law enforcement officers. Remember that Read more »

Goodhue, MN Police Dept. to City: We Quit

By Steve Pomper It’s odd that an entire six-officer (including the chief) police department quit. What’s stranger is they’re not the first agency to quit all at once; they’re just the latest. According to the AP, “A small Minnesota town [Goodhue] will soon be without a police department, an exodus spurred by low pay for the chief and Read more »