New Illinois Law Makes It Easier for Foreign Operatives to Become Cops

New Illinois Law Makes It Easier for Foreign Operatives to Become Cops

By Steve Pomper

Some time ago, I wrote about the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) establishing police departments abroad, including in the United States. The communists apparently use these agencies to intimidate and gain leverage against Chinese dissidents in America, sometimes threatening their relatives back in China. Who knows what other nefarious activities they have planned?

Now, some states want to make it easier for China and other bad actor nations to put agents in American law enforcement agencies. I initially winced at this story, but I also did at the CCP operating police departments in America, which I learned was quite true. Now, Gov. Pritzker signed a bill to allow non-citizens (green card holders and DACA recipients) to become law enforcement officers. 

U.S. Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) tweeted, “H.B. 3751… would allow foreign nationals to arrest U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. This is madness!”

Then I read a recent article by Michael Lucci at The Federalist, a sober, contemplative publication dedicated to American liberty. We’ve all occasionally heard about radical leftist politicians who want to allow non-American citizens to become police officers. But Illinois’ tyrant Governor J.B. Pritzker has “created the possibility for foreign operatives to join Illinois police departments with his signature on House Bill 3751, a bill ostensibly intended to mitigate Illinois’ police recruiting crisis.”

It’s a “crisis” radical leftists have intentionally created (government creates a crisis and then rides to the rescue to “fix” it but makes it worse). 

As Lucci puts it, as Russia continues abusing Ukraine, China challenges the U.S. in Asia (and now in Cuba), “and Iran saber rattles in the Persian Gulf, Illinois policymakers decided to open law enforcement to Russian, Chinese, and Iranian citizens.”

Only in a radical leftist world that holds law enforcement in such low regard does this make sense. They believe that lowering recruitment standards and allowing non-citizens to become cops will “improve” policing. This is so obviously ludicrous, but that’s the world we’ve allowed to congeal around us by careless voting and by not believing people could be so malicious, turning from mere political opponents into culture-destroying enemies.

With China’s doctrine of “total war” or “unrestricted warfare,” why wouldn’t putting Chinese green card holders into law enforcement positions be one of the CCP’s myriad tactics? We know they would because even without Pritzker’s added incentive, they’ve already been doing it.

The DOJ Office of Public Affairs issued a press release last April titled, “Two Arrested for Operating Illegal Overseas Police Stations of the Chinese Government.” They noted that New York City residents ran a Chinese “police station” in lower Manhattan. They reportedly “destroyed evidence when confronted by the FBI.”

Why would any American governor want to make it easier for our enemies to operate on U.S. soil? “If Chinese citizens become cops in Illinois, then the same would happen to Chinese dissidents in Illinois” that has happened in New York.

As Lucci points out, would the U.S. have allowed Soviet citizens to become cops while the Cold War was ongoing? Of course not, and we shouldn’t now. 

The Federalist also reiterated the “justification for the new law” is a “recruiting crisis… at least partially the result of a leftist policy response to several years of undeterred lawlessness along with poor working conditions — all to the detriment of common-sense policing. CBS News reports that 3,300 officers have left the Chicago Police Department since 2019, while only 1,600 new recruits have joined. Chicago crime has skyrocketed since 2019.” 

It doesn’t help that the Cook County (Chicago) State’s Attorney, the infamous George Soros-funded criminal justice system destroyer “Kim Foxx, often refuses to prosecute violent crime.” 

Pritzker appears to be piling on the state’s cops. Not happy with out-of-control criminality being limited to Chicago, he backed the statewide, anti-cop/pro-criminal SAFE-T Act, which axed cash bail and further limited police crime-fighting abilities, which resulted in criminals flooding into Illinois communities. Now, it’s non-citizen cops.

While his “justification” for non-citizen cops was an officer recruitment-retention crisis he helped to create, he also “justified” the SAFE-T Act by saying it would dismantle some nebulous, non-existent “systemic racism that plagues our communities.”

In Pritzker’s and his posse’s rush to woke, they didn’t ensure their actions were even possible. Lucci notes that Illinois law states any DACA candidates must be federally allowed to carry a firearm to be hired as a cop. However, federal law prohibits DACA folks from possessing firearms. Oops!

Why would proponents of this stupid law be this unserious? I have an idea. Because of the radical leftist’s slippery slope approach to legislation. Once the Illinois law is passed, how long will it be before our current corrupt federal government will allow DACA folks to possess firearms? 

I’m not arguing that some green card holders or DACA recipients wouldn’t make good cops. Some likely would. My mother was a green card holder for about 50 years.

But what I am arguing is why disrespect law enforcement even further while making it easier for our enemies to infiltrate one of our most critical institutions?