Oklahoma Police Lt. John Mitchell Still Awaiting Decision for 2019 Active Shooter Incident

A Little Knife

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D President Biden famously said that when confronted with an unarmed person with a knife, police should shoot them in the leg. When confronted with an edged weapon – knife, shovel, or broken bottle – an officer must make dozens of calculations and predictions as to the lethality of the Read more »

Cops and the Silent Majority…

By Stephen Owsinsk As nationwide division festers thanks to media mavens capitalizing on half-baked stories and propaganda and anti-police enthusiasts and knee-jerk activists drenched in emotion without bothering to collect facts…the silent majority do their thing sincerely, without the need for recognition or cell phone-recorded fanfare. That last part largely mimics the altruistic tendencies of Read more »

The High Cost of Policing Riots

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D As Portland continues to simmer, Minneapolis braced for chaos, and U.S. Capitol Police reconstructs the failures of the January 6th attack, the reality of preparing for worst-case scenarios can be measured in taxpayer dollars. Crowd control is not to stop large groups from gathering, but. A law enforcement presence Read more »

Power-Hungry County Executive Urges Elected Sheriff to Retire Though He’ll Be Appointing the Next Sheriff in Months

By Steve Pomper Many Democrats, especially at the activist and party level, have demonstrated they have an insatiable appetite for power. King County, Washington’s shady (Democrat) County Executive Dow Constantine, is calling for current elected Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht, not a right-winger, to end her tenure early and retire. This despite he’ll be selecting the next appointed Read more »