Fewer Cops Equates to Far More Traffic Fatalities

Fewer Cops Equates to Far More Traffic Fatalities

By Stephen Owsinski Although driving is a privilege, some motorists may take it too far and operate 2000-pound projectiles as if no one else is around, carelessly causing havoc on America’s highways and byways. As the nation’s number of law enforcement officers is depleted, preventive measures geared toward traffic safety are jeopardized, resulting in far Read more »

Goodhue, MN Police Dept. to City: We Quit

By Steve Pomper It’s odd that an entire six-officer (including the chief) police department quit. What’s stranger is they’re not the first agency to quit all at once; they’re just the latest. According to the AP, “A small Minnesota town [Goodhue] will soon be without a police department, an exodus spurred by low pay for the chief and Read more »

Is Turnover Good for Policing

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Police departments are scrambling to find and keep qualified candidates. Recently published reports show that the average person will change careers anywhere from 3 to 15 times during their working lives. Those estimates vary depending on the source, but it does appear that the American workforce is restless. The Read more »