Political Opponents or Enemies

Political Opponents or Enemies

By Steve Pomper  In 2010, I wrote an article that appeared in our police union newspaper, The Guardian, in response to the increasing social justice indoctrination of police officers. My article raised the proverbial hackles of our city’s political power structure. Dissent is not allowed. City leaders seized on one word I used, “enemy.” They feigned Read more »

Employers in cities pondering defunding the police should say whether they would stay

Cities considering defunding and abolishing their police departments are pondering municipal hara-kiri. Local governments are generally financed in large part by sales and property taxes. Sales taxes come from commerce. Commercial property taxes are paid by businesses. The value of residential property, which establishes the tax rate, is in large part a result of demand Read more »

Poignant Police Moments Far Outweigh the Bad

By Stephen Owsinski Nickelodeon, a channel for children’s viewing pleasure, broadcast several minutes of a black screen with the words “I Can’t Breathe” in white letters accompanied by the soundtrack of a human inhaling/exhaling. Whether you are a parent or not, rational minds would be jarred by such a graphic and absurd message directed at Read more »

Seattle Mayor Caves in to Radical’s Lies: Promises to Ban Cops from Wearing Mourning Bands on Their Badges to Honor Fallen Officers

By Steve Pomper  When is enough, enough? This item may qualify. I listened on the radio to Seattle’s mayor speaking with a large group of radicals. Mayor Jenny Durkan listened to their complaints as they sought to hijack the meeting, snatching the microphone from her on several occasions. One of their complaints was outrageous, and one Read more »

Media Asks About Changing Police Culture? How About Asking About Changing Media’s Anti-Police Culture?

By Steve Pomper  Cops are experiencing an excruciating frustration with mainstream media. Political and media leaders create and promote an anti-police false narrative, and then even well-intentioned journalists make assumptions based on that erroneous foundation. Media are asking for a better way to change American “police culture.” They’re making a deeply troubling assumption. An assumption akin Read more »