‘Defund the Police’ Movement Plays Follow the Leader Down Rabbit Hole

‘Defund the Police’ Movement Plays Follow the Leader Down Rabbit Hole

By Stephen Owsinski

Campaigns to “Defund the Police” commenced as a show of so-called “police reform” and “police accountability” in the wake of the inexplicable Minneapolis event in which George Floyd’s life was cut short by a police officer and three other involved cops. As protests ensued and riotous behaviors became the national niche among emotion-fueled anarchists employing methods to overrun law enforcement efforts to maintain law and order…some governing bodies as of late are calling for that to be a relative norm. How so? By outlandishly calling for either the abolition of police forces or rendering them anemic.

What would one expect by such a maneuver to defund the police, essentially erasing practitioners of protection and service? What are law-abiding citizens to do as miscreants recognize (they already have) abundant, at-will opportunities to take what is yours, and maybe give you a rap across the face because of their own internalized hate, evilness and unmitigated insecurities?

Thus far, Los Angeles and Seattle have publicized their focused intent on slashing the police budget, while Minneapolis creeps closer to closing all of its police department doors, leaving cops without jobs and citizens the impulse to take up vigilantism when chaos comes knocking for their hard-earned savings and lawfully acquired belongings (taken by unlawful mitts).

Some of these decision makers have the title “city councilman” and “county commissioner” and “city manager” and “city councilwoman.” One may wonder how/why they may have already failed to consider the ramifications of decisions to “defund the police.” After all, when big bad cruel criminals viciously take their stuff and knock them to the ground before doing so (or after, merely for the thrill of it)…the traditional inclination to call the cops would cross their mind. They would logically get what they asked for: A write-off and trip to a hospital…until next time. (The hospital part is if they survive any attack.)

It is fair to say those government officials calling for the whittling (or outright conclusion, like Minneapolis) of American law enforcement in their communities are false (unobjective) prophets selling you a package rife with anarchy, a tailspin crashing down fast and hard with certitude. Don’t think for a second thieves and sexual predators and murderers and swindlers aren’t already salivating over the thought of police-don’t-exist scenarios. Whether criminals are imbeciles or cunning, significantly reducing or outright abolishing law enforcement protections is an illicit-minded monster’s fantasy come true. You already knew this, I’m just an echo who once wore a badge.

Although I consider myself far from perfect, sometimes unloosing a snarky comment here and there, any snide ability I may possess was easily surpassed by the NYC Police Benevolent Association (PBA) president when he said, “…the progressive ‘defunders,’ from AOC on down, want fewer cops, as if that would make the streets safer. Does everyone who wins a New York election just turn off his or her brain?” Ding, ding, we have a winner! That statement epitomizes the New York state of mind and its  varying viewpoints, some burning brain cells haphazardly while others’ synaptic firings are as quick and powerful (and sharp) as a NASA rocket.

Another sharp individual who has an incredible mind for objective reasoning, Candace Owens offered the following truth gem: “America is not a racist country. Anyone claiming otherwise has a vested interest in keeping us divided. The easiest way to maintain power over any group is to keep those within it at war with one another.” Who among us can say they hadn’t a clue lately, as the media frenzy cycles unrelentingly?

Ms. Owens is young, and some may wonder where she derives her wisdom, especially on specific matters such as race relations. Answering some of that is the following explanation found on American Deplorables: “Her grandfather was a slave on a plantation but never expressed anger and hatred and instead he taught her about working hard to reach her dreams,” categorizing her as an “inspiration to people of all races!” Although the preface information is dire, the take-away is nevertheless noteworthy.

After all this nonsensical knee-jerking and outlandish ideation to erase law enforcement from American culture, what is next? Cancel the color blue? If so, what do we do with the sky? Wouldn’t that mean putting a limit on “the limit”?

Speaking of the sky, cops and citizens can unequivocally stay together and pray together. Such good graces provide us Words of encouragement to overcome seeming adversity while also experiencing the very purpose for which He intended: neighborliness. Despite oft-reported (biased media) conflicts between us, the Bible’s verses emphasizing His chosen warriors (cops) can neither be edited nor defunded.

There is no reconciliation unworthy, especially among people whose personal constitutions implore funding methods to shield them from harm and to have saviors in their midst. Let’s wind down with an example of why defunding police makes zero sense. According to a New York Post piece, a five-year-old child amidst a George Floyd protest asked a cop “are you gonna shoot us?” That is a child uttering such a thing!

That particular Houston, Texas policeman on the clock doing his duty organically leaned in with calming and consoling words, reassuring that child: “We’re here to protect you, okay? We’re not here to hurt you at all.” That cop is among the oath-filling majority. He even told her to have a party if she wishes. Pretty decent impromptu human psychology employed by a policeman in riot gear (not by choice). No matter the little girl’s sad impression, a cop was there.

Disbanding the Minneapolis Police Department is one thing, a local one. However, talks of defunding police to any degree is foolhardy and counterintuitive. Frankly, any would-be “savings” will be chump change compared to the exorbitant costs stemming from chaos and anarchistic fallout, namely liabilities of respective jurisdictions who will then be responsible and to blame for authorizing such conditions and allowing them to fester as criminals swarm the landscape, plowing swaths of utter destruction and death.

Hard to fathom the reality, the fruition of such preposterous proposals. This is the most emotion fueled knee-jerk I’ve ever witnessed. I mean, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti called his police officers “killers.” Hard to imagine he has been sitting on such a fiery feeling for so long, no? No such despicable word…until now.

Then it became even more incendiary. When he was rebuked for his vile labeling of LAPD law enforcement officers, he clarified he was referring to cops in police departments around America. Such a broad stroke! And how could he even remotely possess the superpower to know roughly 900,000 killers and uncannily keep it quiet all these years?

In Texas, the Dallas elected officials are proposing disarming their police officers. According to Dallas Watch, the city’s police force is already short about 1,000 cops. Per the Dallas News, recent talks engendered “police reforms” and redirecting millions from the Dallas police budget. Denver and other major cities are considering similar changes. Unarmed police personnel? With respect to our English brothers/sisters in blue, images of Bobbies come to mind.

The entire state of Colorado’s law enforcement community is largely in the hands of legislators “rushing” though “police accountability” measures which have some applications while others have potential “unintended consequences,” as reported by the Colorado Sun.

Moreover, while these people in positions of power and governance are making it clear they are divorcing police forces, such an irrational idea does not bode well for merchants trying to operate a safe and productive business where there is no covenant with government providing police protections.

Simply put: Who would care to operate a shop knowing no safety and security measures are in place to preclude and mitigate woes from nefarious sources hell-bent on taking from others. And what insurance carrier would underwrite a policy aware that no safeguards to preserve the business are present? Imagine the liability of volunteering to be the sitting duck! Without police services, how much of a mass exodus of business is being considered? Is it being pondered at all? If not, why not?

This nightmare is jarring and the rabbit hole is quite dark and void of any cute bunnies. Although there are myriad ways to infinitely elaborate on the “defund the police” movement, let’s finish with The Loftus Party’s semi-whimsical take on the proposed end of law enforcement as we know it: “Ironically, you’re protesting the police and you need the police! Good luck with this.” We just watched a five-plus-minute nugget of undeniable truth. Ponder the absurdity of anti-police sorts, smile at the reality that the need for cops in our society is as valid as knowing water is wet.

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