Cop Acquitted of Charges in Old Job Now Battles to Keep His New Job

Cop Acquitted of Charges in Old Job Now Battles to Keep His New Job

By Steve Pomper Taser X 26 Update 5-26-23: In the original article I wrote Officer Timberlake “lost his job” at FCPD. The article’s source clarified that Officer Timberlake “left on his own accord,” in good standing, “eligible for rehire… and promotion,” and “retired” from the FCPD. Timberlake is supportive of the new FCPD Chief, Kevin Davis, Read more »

Another Travesty in Travis County, Texas’ Criminal Injustice System

By Steve Pomper Austin, Texas State Capitol As FOX News reported the story: “An Austin court recently convicted Army Sgt. Daniel Perry of murder for the 2020 shooting of an armed Black Lives Matter protester that coincided with violent protests nationwide, despite the lead detective on the case claiming Perry’s actions were justifiably self-defense — and despite accusations Read more »

Soros Prosecutors Doing to Civilians What They’ve Been Doing to Cops

By Steve Pomper BLM Protesters in NYC Many stories about wrongly accused police officers come down to a straightforward question: What else could the officer have reasonably done? Unfortunately, we must insert “reasonably” because, guaranteed, there’s someone out there who’d suggest some equivalent to the “Hollywood” option: “He should have shot the gun out of the Read more »

Is Your Home Truly Your Castle? It Depends

By Steve Pomper Is your home your castle? Well, unfortunately, it depends on where you live and the degree of radicalism afflicting your local prosecutor’s office. The McCloskeys in St. Louis found out the hard way that their Soros-funded county prosecutor prefers to charge the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators, based on politics. If Read more »