A Win for the Good Guys as LA DA Gascon Loses Big in Court

A Win for the Good Guys as LA DA Gascon Loses Big in Court

By Steve Pomper

LA County District Attorney George Gascón

There is some very good news to report out of Los Angeles. But, first, let’s review the suffering LA County residents, including the cops, have endured during District Attorney George Gascón’s reign of terrible.

Los Angeles has been a plague on Los Angeles County’s criminal justice system ever since the cop- and rule-of-law-hating George Soros was elected to office in 2020. From day one, Gascón did not hesitate to begin destroying the county’s constitutional mandate of equal justice. 

As Michael Christopher Mejia at Law Enforcement Today reported, “On Friday, February 19th [2021], Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón announced that he will not seek the death penalty for an admitted gang member who killed a police officer and his own cousin.”

The officer was responding to a reported traffic collision when Mejia, attempting to flee the crash scene, allegedly shot and killed Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer. He also reportedly shot and wounded Officer Patrick Hazell, who survived. 

Deputy DA Garrett Dameron “said that he had been ordered to remove the death penalty consideration, despite his own objection and that of Deputy District Attorney Geoff Lewis. Dameron said in a statement:

Over the objection of Mr. Geoff Lewin and I and despite our attempts to prevent this from happening, we’ve been ordered to remove the death penalty as punishment consideration in this case. [italics added]

In 2018, the prosecutors declared they were seeking capital punishment for Mejia. However, only a couple of months after Gascón had taken his oath of office (fingers crossed behind his back, no doubt), he “vowed that the office would no longer pursue the death penalty.” He claimed he had a “mandate from the public.” 

Gascón denied Whittier Police Chief Aviv Bar’s request “for all of the applicable charges and penalties to remain in place.” The non-prosecuting prosecutor could not care less about what a police chief, fellow officers, or the family of a slain police officer thinks or feels or the suffering they’ve endured.

I know. What about the good news I mentioned up top? I’m getting to that. According to the California Political Review’s Stephen Frank, “If you work for the George Soros owned LA DA George Gascón, you either deny State laws or you will be gone.”

“A Los Angeles County jury awarded $1.5 million to a prosecutor as part of a retaliation lawsuit against District Attorney George Gascon, who faces similar complaints in a series of legal actions.”

DDA John Hatami said about his boss, “You have cost the taxpayers millions of dollars with 17 total lawsuits against you. You called DDA’s ‘internal terrorists,’ ‘unfit,’ ‘delusional,’ and ‘hyper partisan.’”

Hyper partisan? Gascón would know, right?

Because Soros-funded DAs believe they are above the law, picking and choosing which laws to enforce and which people to enforce them against, their power-happiness rages out of control while they try to control everything and everyone, including their assistant prosecutors.

The LA DA’s juvenile division supervisor, Shawn Randolph, sued Gascón, claiming he retaliated against her for (my words) speaking the truth. Randolph said he transferred her, effectively demoting her, because she “previously raised concerns that Gascón’s criminal justice reforms could be harmful or unethical,” which was a spot-on analysis.

Randolph is among many deputy DAs at odds with their bully boss and who have also brought legal actions against the despicable DA.



Frank also wrote, “While decent people are fleeing Los Angeles, criminals from all over the world are coming here to ply their trade. Los Angeles, thanks to Gascon, has a new major industry—crime.”

So, it is with unbridled schadenfreude that cops will read that “A Los Angeles County jury awarded $1.5 million to a prosecutor as part of a retaliation lawsuit against District Attorney George Gascon, who faces similar complaints in a series of legal actions.” Sadly, this penalizes the taxpayers more than Gascón because he obviously doesn’t care what sane people think.

Mary Chastain at Legal Insurrection quoted Randolph, “‘I’m grateful to have a forum where what’s happening in the district attorney’s office can be heard in a fair manner,’ Randolph said outside the courtroom, describing Gascón’s conduct as an ‘epic failure’ in leadership.”

This jury award is a bad sign for Gascón but a hopeful sign for real prosecutors and the cops who bring them criminal cases for prosecution. This a bad sign because of the 16 other lawsuits brought against this sham of a DA have a similar theme of retaliation.

The prosecutor’s union vice president, Eric Siddall, concluded, “‘This is what happens when you put politics and ego ahead of public safety. Today, jurors figured it out,’ Siddall tweeted. ‘It’s only a matter of time before the County’s registered voters do too … if they haven’t already.’”