New Laws Usher in More Anti-Law and Order Lunacy

New Laws Usher in More Anti-Law and Order Lunacy

By Stephen Owsinski

With 2020 upon us, law enforcement is bracing for the increased anarchistic behaviors we have been witnessing over the last decade or so. Elected liberal officials are ushering in the New Year with new laws which essentially telegraph a free-for-all philosophy: bail reform; criminals being given victims’ personal information; gun confiscation. In another backwards locale, free gift cards, free cell phones, and free MetroCards are being distributed in lieu of spending time in jail—sounds like someone is literally copying Monopoly’s get-out-of-jail-free cards. Hasbro may have a case for copyright infringement.

Prior to some boneheaded new laws being in place, unlawful actions and accompanying grotesque behaviors were either openly or tacitly encouraged by liberal-minded politicians whose jurisdictions sink further into the brink, thanks to some unquestioning sheep (constituents) absentmindedly following the wolf’s (elected official) beckon call. I know, that sounds rather crass and judgmental. I also know what I see unfurling in our nation, and the crazed frenzy we are going to endure when police officers are overly constrained while the slow wiggle of smoke trails of cities’ simmering embers eventually reach boiling point and burn it all to the ground. The elements are in place for the inevitable catastrophe; survivors’ lungs will be left to inhale all the soot.

When the damage is done and the rubble is strewn at the feet of survivors, orchestrators will foolishly cite “It’s the law.” Imagine being a crime victim and receiving that as an answer, a justification, a signal to shut up and move along. Imagine being a cop who must confront these immoral, inexplicable, barbaric, and backwards ideologies, forfeiting portions of their sworn oath…because it’s the law now.

The rebellious behaviors soon-to-be sanctioned in liberal-run states, counties and cities are tantamount to the undercurrent written in George Orwell’s “1984.” Totalitarianism, ramifications of government overreach, and the byproducts of a society running amok…all stamped with approval by so-called leaders heralding reforms.

Second Amendment rights to bear arms for self-defense? The government of Virginia is gearing to harvest your guns. Perhaps you can defend yourselves with spoons. Or straws for firing spitballs—that’s only frowned upon by liberal dolts running California. Despite the fact Virginia is largely a Second Amendment proponent, the state legislature is running a gun-confiscation bid regardless of what constituents want—so much for serving the voters!

There is salvation in the fact that many in the state have no intention of giving up their Second Amendment rights; the word militia is being bandied a lot, especially lately. Furthermore, some Virginia sheriffs have declared they would be deputizing citizens to beef-up their ranks to thwart any gun-collection efforts. The writing is on the wall, in bold: chaos is brewing in Virginia, and havoc is going to erupt, thanks to Democratic ideologies and the broad-stroke policies they seek to implement.

Speaking of broad strokes, the other massive enclave universally known as the Big Apple is harboring its infestation of worms by implementing asinine laws mostly written so criminals can be beneficiaries. Now-former Presidential candidate and still-current NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio (and component members of NYC’s administration) rolls out red carpets for unsavory sorts. As New York Post investigative journalists have composed, the Big Apple’s wormy mayor has a cozy heart exhibited by coddling criminals: “Mayor Bill de Blasio’s latest soft-on-crime initiative has workers stationed on Rikers Island [NYC’s jail], presenting newly released jailbirds with free transit passes and [not one but] two $25 debit cards each.” Paring it down, taxpayer dollars are paying NYC “workers” to stand at the city jail to hand out free passes to inmates. Law-abiding citizens pay for their transit passes. Get locked up in NYC and, well, it’s free. The message is in the air, and it smells like vote-buying.

Under the classification of criminal-justice reform, NYC liberal leaders are touting bail reform, to the tune of doing away with it while doling out gift cards financed by taxpayers (among which are victims of crime). Nice slap to the face, eh? Getting creative with awful abstract, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez launched a diversionary program called Project Reset, designed to offer free art courses instead of facing court and potential jail time.

Speaking of a slap to the face, a man with a criminal history freely roaming the streets of New York City recently punched a NYPD cop square in the face after a lawful order was given by the policeman. Assaulters punishment? He was effectively handed the key to his handcuffs and walked away scot-free. One may look at this like a mere microcosm which is not necessarily contagious. However, I would argue that it involved the country’s largest municipal police force which the entire world views and is likely measuring as a toothless do-nothing law-and-order entity—all thanks to its liberal leaders and their illustrious allowances ushering anarchy. Incidentally, this particular story has within it another story underscoring our topic: Depolicing due to political policies admonishing NYPD cops to be gentle and meek in the face of violence.

The punched cop’s partner hovered over the assaulter who was atop her cohort, saying to the back of the bad guy unleashing violence while also pressing the air out of her partner’s lungs, “Get off of him! Get off of him!” On the use-of-force scale, far more was warranted at that point. Onlookers saw/overheard this scenario, like the onlookers who video-recorded NYPD cops getting doused with water and another police officer struck with a bucket during a lawful arrest. In no city anywhere USA is it even remotely acceptable to assault cops while respective elected officials either covertly or overtly influence the requisite ingredients for crimes against justice.

Expanding the aperture, Mayor de Blasio is one to seemingly hold hands with New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose endorsed state legislations permit these twisted laws to root like weeds strengthening in the vast fields of a careless farmer; growth is supplanted by deterioration and suffocation of viable seed in rich soil, ultimately losing its sustainability. Bad government cannot—must not—be allowed to fester. Governor Cuomo’s legislation permitting illegal immigrants to obtain New York State driver licenses is one such foolhardy fester. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently followed suit, also allowing illegal immigrants to secure a driver’s license. Murphy’s law is among fourteen other states fostering ideologies pertaining to making things quite easy for immigrants illegally occupying parts of America.

David Soares, president of the District Attorneys Association of the State of New York  and current Albany County District Attorney, wrote about botched criminal-justice reform, summing it all up in one line: “What [the New York state legislature in] Albany delivered instead were laws dismantling order.” BINGO! That goes for elected officials in all states, counties and cities who are doing the same dastardly thing.

Catch and release” sound familiar? Well, that’s what is also essentially going on in NYC, where NYPD cops dutifully investigate crimes and arrest suspects…only to see them walk again without punitive measures…thanks to liberal-lead lunacy orchestrated by Big Apple governance with bleeding hearts.

In October 2019, journalist Daniel Horowitz analyzed New York State’s legislative intent. He wrote, “The movement to abolish bail is one of the most dangerous growing trends in many states, and few people among the general public are even aware of it. New York has gotten this bad even before the enactment of a new law that will officially abolish cash bail for these sorts of assaults. Worse, as Sandra Doorley, district attorney of Monroe County, NY, explained […], there is a separate provision of the state ‘criminal-justice reform’ bill, which was snuck into the budget bill, that will allow defendants access to all information of witnesses within 15 days of the arraignment, thereby aggravating the anti-bail provision. The same criminal defendants who will now be out on the streets immediately after violently attacking people will now have more access to potential witnesses than ever before—while out of jail.” And that recipe for disaster enables defendants to freely exact an assortment of intimidation, revenge, or even violence.

Way to go, New York. To this retired cop’s mindset, it’ll be interesting to see the surge in witness intimidation and vandalism to the properties of witnesses…both crimes which are often precursors to physical violence. Moreover, such possibilities could influence accosted witnesses to sue the state for legislating language which flung open the doors for defendants to inflict havoc. It is disgusting legislation effectively designed to pamper criminals and discount law-abiding, taxpaying citizens!

Cops? Well, among other locales and jurisdictions, they are damned in California too. Cali’s new law prohibits police officers from using deadly force except when “necessary”—formerly the standard was “when reasonable.” With the use-of-force statute rewritten, it leaves any California cop who finds themselves in the undesirable situation of having to take a life to save their or someone else’s life…in the minds of prosecutors to discern and interpret. I get the aspect of surety, but that also engenders having to expend more precious seconds which inherently equates to killing of cops. Deliberation in a courtroom because of statutorily mandated extra deliberation on the street, where imminent death is staring you down, seems a paradox: the bad guy unlawfully wielding a gun gets the upper hand while the surviving loved ones of a murdered cop get a folded flag and a lifelong dark cloud of gloom. It all boils down to personal responsibility and steering away from poor decisions…the very things for which cops are designed to respond/mitigate with every peaceful measure before bullets zoom directly at them.

Indeed, changes are afoot. These changes are not necessarily for me, not really meant for you, but to impose agendas postured by misguided politicians, those power-driven who somehow mangled “justice served” into self-serving justice.

Elements are in place for inevitable catastrophe; survivors’ lungs will be left to inhale all the soot. Not a clean, decent way to live in the land of the free and home of the brave.

What can be done about it? Well, it involves no science and the only capital necessary from you is you: vote the bums out! We all possess the freedom of choice, and the choice being presented is crystal clear: devolve or evolve. Lord knows our nation’s cops need a break from this ridiculousness, and they are honorably here to help evolution blossom accordingly.

Where do you stand?

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