Solemn Signs of Heroism

Solemn Signs of Heroism

By Stephen Owsinski Law enforcement officers everywhere know they have chosen a profession that could end their existence at any moment. Despite this omen, they forge on with that ominous cloud hovering wherever their duty boots step, which is heroic momentum. With that, casualties are tolled and homage is lavished. Physical signs of heroism mark Read more »

Cops Stopping Suicides

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Dealing with a suicidal person is one of the most challenging jobs facing police officers. Even though many agencies are trying to relieve law enforcement from mental health calls, the frequently dangerous circumstances of these calls put police on the front lines of intervention. The need for compassion for Read more »

‘My Squad is My Family’: Ambushed Phoenix Cop Returns to Police Duty

By Stephen Owsinski Phoenix police Officer Morgan Bullis is definitely bullish on police work, so much so that she pushed through tons of physical therapy and rehabilitative efforts to return to patrolling, after being shot on March 24, 2023. In what Phoenix Police administrators called an “unprovoked attack,” a recently paroled violent felon, armed with Read more »

Season of Awards for First Responders

By Stephen Owsinski Ordinarily coinciding with National Police Week is the awarding of medals, ribbons, plaques, commendations, and bragging rights for first responders who have notably gone above and beyond in various ways during duty. In a climate oozing with wrongly placed anti-police sentiment and unabated violence aimed at law enforcement officers, all first responders Read more »

Law Enforcement Officer Memorials Pay Homage to the Fallen

By Stephen Owsinski The weeklong commemorations at law enforcement agencies paying homage to fallen cops are formally calendared for May 15-21, 2023 —proclaimed National Police Week— embracing eternally grief-stricken families of first responders at respective police memorial sites throughout America. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC is generally the hub where folks Read more »

Hidden Heroics of Everyday Policing

By Stephen Owsinski A recent sermon I heard from a pastor was ripe with declarations of not shrinking to naysayers’ condemnations. This is perhaps best exemplified by the men and women comprising America’s law enforcement institution and its parlay of public safety feats ignored by police-negating mainstream media. This particular preacher mentioned the anti-this and Read more »

Cop Went Home, Changed into a New Uniform, and Returned to Work

By Steve Pomper Lincoln Police Department Sgt. Tu Tran (Screenshot) In this era of snowflakes and their enablers, cops are still showing they must handle the most harrowing of emergencies, and then, while many occupations allow their employees to go home or even seek counseling for often trivial reasons, cops most often return to work. While Read more »

Gone and Deserving of Being Remembered

By Stephen Owsinski The heartfelt phrase “Gone But Not Forgotten” is often somberly said and sincerely written after a selfless law enforcement officer is sacrificed in the line of duty or otherwise, and police culture honorably illustrates how it holds dear all fallen heroes, both recent and historical. Let’s start with a very rare example: Read more »

Police Pay Homage to Dogs of Duty

By Stephen Owsinski Recently, the Miami-Dade Police Department hosted a K-9 Appreciation Memorial Ceremony, paying homage to the dogs of duty that unhesitatingly fight crime and charge hard at bad actors looking to do evil things to innocent people. Some of these incredible animals are killed in the line of duty. In their honor, law Read more »