Washington State Patrol Falls into Media Woke Trap

Washington State Patrol Falls into Media Woke Trap

By Steve Pomper   I have the misfortune of living in the dictatorship of Washington State under Gov. Jay Inslee (refusing to relinquish his “emergency powers”). But, even living here and paying attention, I missed this news bit about the Washington State Patrol (WSP). Fortunately, the NPA’s own Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith brought it to my Read more »

Selfless Cops in a League of Their Own

By Stephen Owsinski Police work is one of the most unique facets of our society, and cops perform in a league of their own sometimes referred to as the Justice League). Besides putting up the scoreboard numbers indicating myriad lives saved (while wearing mourning bands for their fallen) and a bevy of other huge successes, Read more »

Law-Enforcement Legacies and Handing-In Tin

By Stephen Owsinski I didn’t plan on writing about fresh recruits populating America’s police academies, then writing on veteran law enforcement officers concluding cop careers, but the latter group kept showing up lately. Bravo to all of them! Having been there, handing in their tin shield highlights finales for cops who survived the mean streets Read more »

What Keeps a Police Marriage Working?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D An Atlanta divorce attorney, Katie K. Leonard, communicated in a recent TikTok video that police officers are among the top five professions that women should avoid as marriage partners. Leonard does not rank the top five in order but includes firemen, military men, surgeons, and pilots along with police Read more »

Within the Crime Scene Tape

By Stephen Owsinski “Let’s go to the tape” is a famous line coined by legendary sports broadcaster Howard Cosell. In policing, it has a different tone and meaning. “No one through this tape who doesn’t have an official investigative role” is a line used by police supervisors and/or lead detectives working on horrific events created Read more »

Everything is Not Code 4

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Radio codes vary from agency to agency, but most I’ve been around use Code 4 as “everything is OK”. That doesn’t really mean that everything is ok, it just means that for the moment, as far as the officer on the scene can tell, nobody is trying to kill Read more »

City Leaders Inflicting a “Moral Injury” on its Officers

By Steve Pomper   There are a lot of us cops and former cops, writing about how deplorably the police officers’ political leaders are mistreating them. We have no illusions about the damage happening to our profession in leftist-run jurisdictions. For example, I recently got a tweet from an officer I know from the Seattle Police Read more »