Selling Out Citizens: NYC Mayor Cleaves Police After Funding Sanctuary City Elements, Hires ‘Nightlife Mayor’

Selling Out Citizens: NYC Mayor Cleaves Police After Funding Sanctuary City Elements, Hires ‘Nightlife Mayor’

By Stephen Owsinski

How politicos think and render decisions on behalf of many citizens is crucial to an environment’s welfare and public safety successes, both mainstay ingredients for all other aspects to prosper. Yet it is bewildering to see city figureheads going about governance with antithetical initiatives that, although seemingly likable, undercut core responsibilities such as crime abatement.

Look anywhere and you will find astronomical scores of malevolence in the Big Apple, its core being excised by chiseling away at the number of police officers in a metropolis overrun with mayhem…despite mayoral assertions that all is well in Gotham.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, whose electronic gadgets were recently seized by FBI agents investigating potential campaign-related corruption involving the Turkish government, announced plans to cleave the NYPD and other essential city services (Sanitation workers) as crime soars significantly and free-roaming rats feast on piles of refuse. (It sounds like the newly appointed “nightlife mayor” will have his hands full and feet raised.)


(Photo courtesy of the NYC Police Benevolent Association.)

Per a New York Times header, the first-term Hizzoner who is a former NYPD cop “announced painful cuts to the New York City budget that would freeze police hiring and close libraries on Sunday. He warned that more cuts would be necessary without additional federal funding to manage the migrant crisis.”

Where does one begin to dissect that statement?

If the “painful cuts” stem from unwarranted spending on the sanctuary city’s campaign to overpopulate the five-county jurisdiction’s chronic hemorrhage of south-of-the-border invaders why, then, should the hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens be pierced by that otherwise avoidable hook?

He “warned” residents and merchants? Wasn’t he warned not to commit such an egregious abuse of power? Does We the People carry no weight anymore? Doesn’t an elected official work for the bona fide citizens who somehow put him in City Hall…and not for immigrants whatsoever?

Perhaps Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R- NY) said it best in her rebuke of Mr. Adams’ threats to pulverize the police budget in the name of outsiders who could care less for going about citizenship legally, waving them in like a pit-stop boss (tuning them…with permanency in the plan).

“This is what you call MISPLACED PRIORITIES: Taking away services from hardworking taxpaying citizens to provide free housing and services to citizens of other countries who didn’t follow the rules and never contributed a dime,” Congresswoman Malliotakis exclaimed.

In a TV interview blitz, Rep. Malliotakis threw more truth bombs: “To cut services from citizens to provide services to illegal immigrants is WRONG and a slap in the face to citizens and immigrants who work hard, pay taxes & follow the rules.”

The common denominator in the NYC metro region is reflective of the political pool that seems to salivate over doling out hard-earned dollars toward social experiment risks such as massive waves of migrants, many of whom made NYPD cops contend with ungrateful and unruly behavior. Sanitation workers have been cleaning up the messes made by these non-legalized invaders, too.

I don’t know how many slaps to the face the members of the NYPD can take but this one, like many others before it, will hurt and further challenge the already depleted sworn strength (officer safety is a critical component in the life-saving biz).

(Photo courtesy of the NYPD Police Commissioner.)

Concentrating on the NYPD whose job it is to safeguard 7.8 million residents (it declined…wonder what caused that drop) and gobs more among the tourist crowd, it is reprehensible to cancel academy classes whose cadets endured a lengthy vetting process and lives sifted by NYPD background investigators.

Speaking of background investigations, NY Gov. Kathy Hochul signed into law the state’s “Clean Slate” legislation, “sealing criminal records of previously convicted New Yorkers,” reported the New York Post.

Go ahead and pinch yourself. I had to do the same thing to make sure all this nonsense was happening. Incidentally, the “Clean Slate” law is also embraced in other states. The self-explanatory Clean Slate Initiative identified those dozen states. I wonder if there is anything they all have in common.

But the nonsense never ends…

Among the press release regarding the “nightlife mayor,” whose salary one can only imagine is way above that of most NYPD cops, is a curious find having to do with minimizing fines/fees of businesses caught violating regulations, saving them (not the city) “millions of dollars” that could surely afford public safety professionals:

“This administration is focused on making it easier for this city’s small businesses to grow and thrive, and the bills passed today exemplify that. With the passage of Intro. 845, we have now cleared the path for over 100 reforms to be implemented that will reduce fines and fees for this city’s small business community, saving them millions of dollars a year.”

What a dead giveaway giving everything away is.

As Ms. Malliotakis noted, “Misplaced priorities”!