Selling Out Citizens: NYC Mayor Cleaves Police After Funding Sanctuary City Elements, Hires ‘Nightlife Mayor’

Selling Out Citizens: NYC Mayor Cleaves Police After Funding Sanctuary City Elements, Hires ‘Nightlife Mayor’

By Stephen Owsinski How politicos think and render decisions on behalf of many citizens is crucial to an environment’s welfare and public safety successes, both mainstay ingredients for all other aspects to prosper. Yet it is bewildering to see city figureheads going about governance with antithetical initiatives that, although seemingly likable, undercut core responsibilities such Read more »

Police Defunders Want to Know Why Their Communities are Unsafe

By Stephen Owsinski Broken record or broken system policymakers bulldozing law enforcement principles and scraping away gobs of funds necessary to effectively ensure public safety…are now grabbing the podium mics and demanding to know why their community is not safe. For real! A large law enforcement agency is feverishly trying to ensure the public safety Read more »

The Real Cost of Defunding

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The fast-talking video pitchman pounding on the variety of vehicles available to viewers and flashing the number to call now wasn’t a car dealer but a Ft. Worth, Texas police officer recruiting for applicants. While other recruitment efforts are not as clever, similar tactics are being used to convince Read more »

Narco-Slavery Thriving in Gov. Kate Brown’s Lawless Oregon?

By Steve Pomper  The consequences for state, local, and federal law enforcement and residents affected by the federal government’s ignoring of immigration laws is so much darker than most people know. Most of the media doesn’t seem interested in reporting anything that goes against the established state narrative. You may have heard a smattering of news Read more »

‘Defund the Police:’ A Lesson of Demise, a Blessing in Disguise

By Stephen Owsinski We are finally starting to see why the boisterous defund-the-police movement pulleyed by the liberal party is one of their latest demises. Synonymously, we revisit the respect and adoration sincerely shared by the majority of Americans heralding public safety and constitutional promise upheld by justice officials laying all on the line. Radicals Read more »

Defunding Police Defeats Ability to Acquire De-Escalation Technology

By Stephen Owsinski One of the things largely absent from the defund the police push is necessary equipment and technology to achieve activists’ oft-cited de-escalation expectations while also preserving a semblance of safety for our nation’s law enforcement officers out there mitigating matters posed by society’s woes. Although criminals will always exist and contribute mostly Read more »

Praise and Caution for Social Worker Response Plans

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D. According to a Washington Post database, police officers have fatally shot nearly 1400 people with mental illness since 2015. The interpretation of that data by critics has yielded the presumption that the police faced with those encounters are not competent to deal with the mentally ill. Police leaders have Read more »

Coddling Criminals and Devaluing Cops is Outrageous Proposition in Illinois

By Stephen Owsinski The inexplicably continuous anti-police drum beat bangs on, with recitations of “criminal justice reform” amounting to get-out-of-jail-free cards handed over to miscreants while police responsibilities are whittled away. While most were slumbering away, the Illinois Legislature worked rather clandestinely to process “amendments” involving House Bill 163 (alternately referred to as the Pretrial Read more »