‘Defund the Police:’ A Lesson of Demise, a Blessing in Disguise

‘Defund the Police:’ A Lesson of Demise, a Blessing in Disguise

By Stephen Owsinski

We are finally starting to see why the boisterous defund-the-police movement pulleyed by the liberal party is one of their latest demises. Synonymously, we revisit the respect and adoration sincerely shared by the majority of Americans heralding public safety and constitutional promise upheld by justice officials laying all on the line.

Radicals are known for and defined by inherently radical ideologies, to include arrogant upturned noses on matters which blow up in their face. The recently burgeoning bluster from within a certain political party which inculcated heightened perils for our American law enforcement institution for self-serving purposes belying forged alliances with hatemongering activists and power attainment is nothing new. Buy, boy, did they put anti-cop diatribe on blast!

They seem to be keen on precipitating calamities born of mono-thinking—in this case, doggedly downing police heroes at the exorbitant expense of citizens and inherent public safety expectations as spec’d in constitutional covenants.

Ultimately, it was a modern-day lesson of demise of that particular party’s stature due to hating on police officials who know how to conduct constitutional appropriations better than the legislators who argue like they quill-penned the whole thing yet deface its every word with antithetical actions countering covenants and employing dominion instead of public service on behalf of the people who hired (elected) them.

Plainly put: How does anyone, political affiliation or not, conceive that a freedom-loving society does not require cops to ensure said liberty against nefarious types negating equal rights by wrongfully possessing what is not theirs, even maiming or murdering innocents in the process of deprivation?

Simply answered: It had everything to do with “promises to the people” in exchange for subservience without the hindrance of constitutionally authorized mitigators otherwise known as police officers.

Adding to the I-told-ya-so file, the ossified defund-the-police animal woke up with a hangover, deservedly.

Now contributing excellent analyses and stellar orations for Fox News, police advocate and former Congressman Grey Gowdy gave a much deserved tongue-lashing to the party responsible for sinisterly subjecting our country’s cops to a minefield of madness:

“You were told last year, we needed to defund the police, to eliminate the police,” Gowdy said. “You were told we really needed more social workers and psychologists. You were told crime would go down if there were fewer cops. You were told there are things sociologists could work through that a guy with a gun and a badge could not… You knew that was a dumb idea when you heard it. You knew we really don’t want social workers showing up when someone is breaking into our homes or shooting up the neighborhood.

“Unfortunately, there were some who did not understand the idiocy of defunding law enforcement, and tragically some of those people serve on city governments in some of America’s largest cities —New York, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Seattle—  some of the cities that cut funding for law enforcement. And what should be a surprise to absolutely no one, that violent crime is going up.”

The blessing in disguise (or more commonly identified in police garb pinned with a shield or star) is that America’s cops know far better than public safety-forfeiting politicos who know zilch about tactically thwarting miscreants not necessarily desirous of police interveners putting to rest depraved and destructive forces.

From such a blessing arose a silent majority who found octaves to be more righteous and conducive; countering naysayers, polls denoting police presence in communities sparked favorably.

Pro-police voices admittedly hesitant to speak up about browbeating of cops caused by rancor of anti-law-and-order barkers blossomed at election booths, upvoting law enforcement preservation and initiatives by blocking in the bubbles and boxes.

Patiently performing duties while their detractors did their silly thing with anti-cop prattling and indicative behavior of promise-breakers, police officials seem even more heralded for courage under fire and triumphant ends born of tragic ordeals played out in largely liberal la-la-lands.

I marveled at the carefully measured stance and resilience and determination and perseverance of police officials while travesties ensued across America, with cops on the frontlines taunted, jeered, spit on, and all manner of being accosted…like it was the right of hatemongers propelled by reckless political dictates.

The Washington Examiner published a perspective on notoriously anti-cop Black Lives Matter, and how its demands did nothing for social justice and alleged rampant racism. It did, however, yank down statues portraying American history —of which lessons of what not to do ever again were decimated— and remove rocks deemed racist, just because they say so. Now, BLM is cricketopia.

Zachary Faria wrote, “The structural changes were there for the taking in 2020. But Democrats killed a bipartisan police reform bill that could have passed. (Maybe it still will after they lose their Senate majority.) Meanwhile, Democratic city leaders and Black Lives Matter activists shrugged off riots and crime while demonizing police officers. Their credibility is in tatters now, as even the city of Minneapolis, ground zero for the modern movement, rejected a scheme to abolish the city’s Police Department .”

Indeed, the not-so-perfect storm arose and swirled ideations of erasing cops from American culture, as if that would fly and societal woes of the depraved criminal kind would vanish with a mere say-so. Pffft, magic.

In all this, cops observed disproportionate upheaval beckoned by factions exhibiting not even a scintilla of cooperation and alliance-based determination to at least reconfigure a perceived problematic institution, namely law enforcement. We’ve all witnessed rather across-the-board stifling of cops’ rights to even speak on the so-called policing issues.

Funny how the criminal persuasion somehow got a seat at the table of barkers. Like I said, cops observed all this brouhaha, stood professionally on frontlines, got to witness the actioned promises of free speech accorded by the Constitution, plucked those who engaged in lawlessness, braced against the brunt of character assassinations conveyed by the media (in spite of video evidence exonerating police officers effecting lawful strategies against naysayers claiming injustices), and exuded humility and unshakable stamina of true-blue peacekeepers.

Another blessing in disguise (well, not cloaked any longer — read on) are the persons and institutions who betrayed themselves with statements and/or actions endorsing the idiocy of less police or totally police-less society.

This, too, serves as a litmus for voting seasons involving LEOS, their families and advocates, signaling who to vote out/who to vote in—aka the enemy have exposed themselves. Similarly, certain anti-police businesses helped cop families and police supporters decide where to spend their hard-earned money.

A certain anti-cop political party “has itself to blame for the 2021 elections becoming a rejection of the movement they misdirected in 2020. They did not get the structural changes they claimed to have wanted because most of their demands were completely stupid and unrelated. The few that remained were absurd, such as police departments being hamstrung amid a surge in homicides or teaching children that their skin color is all that matters about them. The 2021 elections highlight not the failures of the voters but of the leftists who screwed up so badly,” wrote Mr. Faria.

In a separate piece I authored for NPA readers, the fallout of ludicrous anti-police channeling culminated in blessings for pro-police jurisdictions, seeing cops from heavily anti-cop cities relocating elsewhere which, contrary to what Faria wrote, is technically the fault of voters and those they placed in office.

Seems the party (to be taken in more ways than one) is over, for now.

Figureheads who failed to at least garner bipartisan reforms in policing can go to a far corner to lick their wounds while our country’s cops continue on with the dirty work of preventing crime and/or apprehending wrongdoers who foolishly followed the wrong lot in life.

The nation’s proverbial dot connectors, scanning the landscape for what’s-wrong-with-this-picture anomalies, melding shattered parts back together, bolstering mitigation efforts, circling back to ensure the glaringly defenseless have stewardship against predatory beings, all while taking heed of who in political power bone-headedly sought to make vulnerable the country’s populace by erasing public safety providers…carry on with life-saving objectives.

Perhaps not so bewildering that the self-serving sorts wipe egg from face while cops continue self-sacrifice. The awfully cruel posit of whittling away cops emphasized misguided anguish in America, hijacking the reality that cops are not the problem.

Many psychologists and philosophers lecture that pain gives way to growth. LEOs see it in every tour of duty. They present when life gets deeply raw and caustic and doubtful and pushed against the ropes while flurries of impacts batter. They get down and dirty when life keeps us at a standstill. They stand with those being subjected to morose behavior from nefarious types.

Cops know well who on their beat endures hardships of myriad kinds; they drop in to ensure not only sanctity but to remind that there’s a guardian in their midst, one who means/does what he/she says…while suited politicos waste vowels and consonants at everyone’s expense.

The law enforcement embodiment is, in effect, a non-political party which succeeds everything most elected officials fail at. Think about it…

Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson noted, “People are afraid of competence.” Is that it, or at least part of it? Many among one of the nation’s two main political parties feeling insecure, perhaps threatened by the human marvels achieved by law enforcement officers positively impacting innumerable lives through a lengthy career delving into unspeakable dangers?

Although some retired cops entered bids for political office, I am unaware of any politicians of any level submitting application and attending the required rigors of a police academy to effectuate a police career, garner a dose of reality, and fulfill a public safety position rife with violence and death.

Myriad blessings evolve from badges walking among us. Countless posts depicting phenomenal police work enveloped by humanitarian constructs and poignant chance interactions transpire by the millisecond. Despite chronic abuses compelled by that dastardly political party, cops champion their oath-vowed principles far better than elected sorts whose invective betrays respect, nobility, and unity-speak.

Let’s button this up with some punctuation from Mr. Gowdy: “They won’t ever apologize for this lethal mistake. Even if they did, it is really hard to hear apologies from the grave.”

When was the last time you heard an albatross apologize?