Police Honor Military Veterans Who Fought the Good Fight

Police Honor Military Veterans Who Fought the Good Fight

By Stephen Owsinski Law enforcement agency social media channels were quite busy for Veteran’s Day 2023, depicting America’s cops embracing military service members who survived combat and all manner of wartime grit and vulnerabilities. On November 11, 2023, many police posts illustrated U.S. Armed Forces personnel who completed a military tour of duty, were honorably Read more »

What’s All That Stuff?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D One of the things I did, to most kids’ delight, when I was “Officer Friendly” visiting schools, was to give them a tour of my “batbelt”. Even today, as a School Safety Officer, the question “What is all that stuff” is common. As a walking piece of history, I Read more »

Border Woes and the Busy Patrols

By Stephen Owsinski Stories abound about human smugglers scoring huge profits from meager means migrants forking over their last cent to get to America by illegally breaching our southern border. But there are no beds of roses in the unforgiving arid desert. There are pretentious promises made by greedy money grubbers whose dreamy deliverables are Read more »

The National Police Association Mobile Billboard Shares the Support the Police Message in Baltimore

Indianapolis/ November 16, 2023 – As Baltimore suffers from its police department being hundreds of officers short, residents continue to be threatened by a local government that refuses to hold criminals accountable, and a federal government that quashes local police work with a crippling consent decree, the National Police Association’s “Cops are Heroes” mobile billboard Read more »

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Rescuing Rescuers: ‘Aussie the Greyhound’ Joins Dallas Police Wellness Unit

By Stephen Owsinski Greyhounds are known to be winners with superior sprinting traits but also have capitalized characteristics when interacting with humans, especially those confronting chronic duress from careers in law enforcement. Hence, the Dallas Police Wellness Unit has added four-year-old “Austin” (aka Aussie) the greyhound to their specialized staff to aid Dallas police personnel Read more »

Cops and Fire

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D There is a usually good-natured rivalry between police officers and firefighters. Police officers say they are glad to serve because firefighters need heroes to look up to. They say that kids dressed as firefighters on Halloween can’t go to the door until a kid dressed as a police officer Read more »